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pramesh Published On Thu Jul 02 2020   Modified On Mon Aug 10 2020

Facts of Yohan

Full Name
Birth NameKim Yo Han
ProfessionVocalist, Rapper, Center
NationalitySouth Korean
Birth CityJungnang District,Seoul
Birth CountrySouth Korea
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle
Height181 cm
Weight66 kg
Insta Profile
Date of BirthSeptember 22,1999
Age21 years


    of Yohan

    What is Yohan marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Yohan?181 cm
    What is the weight of Yohan?66 kg

    Who was Yohan?

    Kim Yo-han (Korean: 김요한)/ mononym Yohan (Korean: 요한) or just Yohan was a South Korean singer and actor.

    Kim Yo-han

    Kim Yo-han was born on September 22, 1999, in Jungnang District, Seoul, South Korea, and he recently passed away on June 16, 2020, so far his cause of death hasn't been announced, yet.

    Why was Yohan famous?

    Kim Yo-han was a famous South Korean singer. In 2019, He debuted as a member of the South Korean boy group X1 finishing first on Produce X 101. Even after his death, Yohan has over 1.6 millions followers on his Instagram account.

    Kim Yo-han Selfie

    In 2020, Kim Yo-han appeared in War of Music People, and he also has made his appearance as a contestant from episode 1 till episode 12 of Produce X 101, in 2019.

    He is massively famous among K-Pop listeners and was one of the leads of a hit K-Pop group TST.

    Recently, social media is mourning the young up and coming singer Yohan's death, and many celebrities have shown their disgrace on Yohan's sudden death.

    Yohan Bio, Early Life, & Career

    Kim Yo-han was born on September 22, 1992, in Jungnang, Seoul, South Korea, Yo-han was a Taekwondo player, besides being a successful musician. He also has won 2 taekwondo championship and was a trained taekwondo player who practiced the martial arts form for 13 long years.

    He also had appeared in Produce X 101 and had been drawing overwhelming popularity with his easy-going personality, fantastic singing and rapping ability, and sharp dance skills.

    Yohan in School 2020

    Kim Yo-han participated in May 2019 in the Mnet reality-survival program Produce X 101, to form an eleven-member boy group that would be promoted for five years under Swing Entertainment, despite having only three months of training.

    He finished first in the competition, and on August 27, 2019, debuted as a member and center of X1, with it's debut showcase held at Gocheok SkyDome. Still, on January 6, 2020, X1 would later disband due to allegations of vote-rigging in the show.

    Recently, his social media is filled with condolences from celebrities all over the world, and he will surely be missed, because he was a man full of prospects and possibilities, who sadly, and suddenly left the world.

    KJ Entertainment who also is the official TST's record label, confirmed the news, publishing condolence as:

    “We are sad to relay the most unfortunate, sorrowful news. On June 16, TST member Yohan left this world. The late Yohan’s family is currently in deep mourning.”

    Source The Guardian's report

    How much is Yohan's Net Worth?

    Kim Yo-han was a famous singer known as Produce X101 contestant, who proved his popularity after reaching stage 5 of Dear.101.

    Yohan in Produce X 101

    Yohan's current net worth, even after his death, is reportedly around $500,000, which is approximately 600535000 Won.

    Yohan was started his musical journey, and had acting, dancing, singing, and Martial Arts skills, and could have been a bankable actor and singer both, which means that the K-pop industry lost someone who would have been a whole package.

    Who was Yohan Dating?

    The TST member Yohan was a South Korean singer and actor who never talked much about his private life. Hence he never revealed if he was dating anyone.

    Yohan in Produce X 101

    However, Yohan was very close to his family, and his sudden and unexpected death has left his family shattered. Our condolences and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

    Yohan Measurement Status

    Name Yohan
    Age20 Years old 
    Birth-DateSeptember 22, 1999
    Birth-PlaceJungnang District, Seoul South Korea 
    Date Of DeathJune 16, 2020
    Height5 ft 11 inches
    Weight66 kg

    FAQ's on Yohan

    1. When was Yohan Born?

    Kim Yo-han was born on September 22, 1999, in Jungnang District, Seoul, South Korea.

    2. How tall is Yohan?

    Yohan was a 5 ft 11 inches/181cm tall, South Korean star.

    3. What's Yohan's nationality?

    Yohan is a South Korean actor-singer.

    4. Is the South Korean Actor-singer Yohan Gay?

    We aren't sure if the rumors are true; so far, he is straight. However, he hasn't publicly dated anyone.