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10 Seems The Best Number For Ian Somerhalder, He Dated 9 Hotties Before Settling Down With His Shorty Nikki Reed

pramesh Published On Sun Dec 08 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 09 2019
10 Seems The Best Number For Ian Somerhalder, He Dated 9 Hotties Before Settling Down With His Shorty Nikki Reed

Ian Somerhalder is one of the sexiest blue-eyed gentleman who has this secret charming factor to get women go crazy. Yes! We blame him to be a charmer.

You don't need to believe us, just go through the list these nine hotties that Ian Somerhalder dated before marrying the Twilight actress Nikki Reed.

So, on the occasion of V Wars actor Ian Somerhalder's 42nd birthday, we bring you top ten hot divas that Ian has dated so far!

  • Kat Graham

Swiss-born, American model, singer and actress Kat Graham, known for movies like 17 again and all eyes on me, was rumored to have dated the Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder.

The duo reportedly hated each other when they first met but since doing the Vampire Diaries together they have been very good friends.

  • Kate Bosworth

Ian Somerhalder and Kate Bosworth did two movies “Young Americans” and “Rules of Attraction” together. Ian and Kate reportedly met while filming Young Americans. 

Ian Somerhalder & Kate Bosworth
Ian Somerhalder & Kate Bosworth 

While sharing the set for the second time in 2001, Bosworth and Somerhalder reportedly started dating. The pair reportedly dated for around 6 months only.

  • Nicky Hilton

Reality star Paris Hilton's sister Nicky Hilton dated Ian from January to April of 2004.

Nicky Hilton & Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Hilton

Though the reason behind their saperation wasn't clear, Ian and Nikki were surely dating back in 2004.

  • Maggie Grace

Ian and Maggie were one of the coolest couple back in 2006, and the fun part is that no one knew if they dated! Maggie in 2012 outed the news to New York Times that she and Ian dated way back in 2006.

Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace
Former couple Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder

After sharing the famous survival series Lost in 2004, the couple started dating in April 2006.

Former couple Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder
 Ian Somerhalder And Maggie Grace

However, Maggie Grace and Somerhalder only dated for a year before parting ways in 2007.

  • Megan Auld

Ian Somerhalder in 2007 dated Megan Auld who didn't belong from the Hollywood world. This American blonde lady and Vampire Diaries actor had a two yeatrs long relationship with Ian. They started dating in 2007 and dated before calling it quits in February 2009. 

  • Ashley Greene

Ian also was rumored to have dated another co-star Ashley Greene in 2009. 

Ian Somerhalder And Ashley Greene
Ian Somerhalder And Ashley Greene
PC: Just Jared
  • Alena Gerber

Ian Somerhalder's dating profile isn't just confined to dating actors, Ian in 2010 dated Germany’s top model, actress, and TV host Alena Gerber. 

German Model Alena Gerber
  • Nina Dobrev

While filming The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder started dating co-lead Nina Dobrev in 2010. Nina was 10 years younger than Ian, but that didn't stop them from falling in love with each other.

The former pair met on this set in 2009 and kicked it off in March of 2010. 

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev
Former Couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

After dating for three years, the couple separated in April 2013, and as per Nina, the work obligation got the pair separated. They however remain good friends till this day.

  • Malese Jow

Malese and Ian also met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, the actors alike many, were also rumored to be dating but nothing was confirmed.

  • Nikki Reed

10 seems to be the best number For Ian Somerhalder. He Dated 9 Hotties before settling down with his shorty Nikki Reed. 

The Twilight actors Nikki Reed and Ian started dating in July of 2014, after they were introduced to each-other by a common friend and Vampire Diaries co-star Ashley Greene. 

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed
Wife Nikki Reed and her husband Ian Somerhalder

The couple reportedly got closer when Nikki and her former husband Paul McDonald started developing problems in their marriage. Ian helped Nikki get rid of her troubled relationship with Paul McDonald and helped her get a divorce. 

After dating for 6 months the pair got engaged in January 2015. Finally, on April 26, 2015, they got married on Malibu, California.

On July 25, 2017, the welcomed their only daughter, Bodhi Soleli.