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Tom Wu

pramesh Published On Sat Nov 30 2019   Modified On Thu Jun 11 2020
Tom Wu

Facts of Tom Wu

Full NameTom Wu
First NameTom
Last NameWu
Other NameHunderd Eyes
Birth CityHong Kong
Birth CountryChina
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children1 Daughter
FilmographyKick-Ass 2,Marco,Da Vinci's Demons,King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,Strangers,Strike Back: Revolution,Hobbs & Shaw,Wu Assassins
Height180.34 cm
Weight77 kg
Networth$1.5 M
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthMay 15,1972
Age48 years


    of Tom Wu

    What is Tom Wu marital status ?Married
    How many children does Tom Wu have ?1 Daughter
    What is the height of Tom Wu?180.34 cm
    What is the weight of Tom Wu?77 kg

    Who Is Tom Wu?

    If you have watched the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword released in 2017, you would know Sir George, King Arthur's mentor. See, that's the case with the British action figure Tom Wu; he does things in such a way, that Tom totally disappears and people only see the roles he portrays.

    Wu is a world-known actor who appears in Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese movies, and many TV series as well as theater productions all around the globe.

    Actor Tom Wu In Marko Polo's Premier
    English Actor Tom Wu In Marko Polo's Premier 

    Tom Wu recently grabbed the media attention for playing Marko Polo and Jingem's sensei Hundred Eyes in the Netflix original series Marco Polo before the series was dropped in 2016.

    Why Is Tom Wu Famous?

    The British Chinese actor Tom Wu has appeared in some of the famous Hollywood movies such as Shanghai Knights, Batman Begins. Along with that, Wu also appeared in a Shah Rukh Khan starer Bollywood super-hero movie Ra.One.

    Tom's ability to portray various roles of a tough Kung-fu guy, along with his experience in various forms of Martial arts like Hung Gar, Karate, Wushu, Wing Chun, and acrobatics makes him a complete package.

    Actor Tom Wu In King Arthur

    Tom, however, is more popular as a Zen monk and Kung-Fu master (Hundred Eyes/ Bayan of the Baarin) from the famous Netflix series Marko Polo who teaches actor prince Jingin (played by Remy Hii), and Marko Polo (played by Lorenzo Richelmy) the art of Kung-Fu under Kublai Khan's Instruction (played by Benedict Wong).

    Tom Wu Bio, Early Life, Education, & Martial Arts

    Currently, 47 years old Tom Wu was was born on  May 15, 1972 in Hong Kong and after his family moved to England, Tom grew up in Chinatown, London.

    Wu started martial arts at the age of ten and growing up Tom Wu was one of the very few Hung Gar fighters. Alongside Hung Gar, Wu took Karate, Wushu, Wing Chun, and acrobatics. 

    Actor Tom Wu In The Set Of Netflix Series Marko Polo
    Actor Tom Wu Plays Serious Roles But The Picture Tells That He Is A Fun Person To Hang Out With
    Picture: From The Set Of Marko Polo

    Surprisingly, by the time he was sixteen, Tom was a master of all five stiles of Hung Gar (an ancient Chinese martial arts form).

    People realized Wu's tallent after he won the third position in China's International wu-shu (martial arts) tournament in his homeland of Britain in 1988. 

    Additionally, Tom Wu wasn't all about fighting, Wu also shares love for both screen and stage acting. As a matter of fact, Wu is one of the founding members of the British theater company Yellow Earth Theatre, established in  1995.

    Tom Wu Career Highlights

    Tom Wu has so far appeared in 19 movies and also had a full 30 minutes episode on the origin story of The Hundred Eyes in Marko Polo Season two.

    Hundred Eyes Teaching Kung Fu To Marko Polo 

    Hopefully, you have noticed Tom in an Ewan McGregor starer Rogue Trader, a movie released in 1999. 

    He also appeared in Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson starer Shanghai Knights as Lo Fong's side kick Liu.

    He also appeared as Andy Wang, the head of the American Triads in An action movie Wake Of Death alongside Jean-Claude van Damme.

    He played the Bhutanese prison guard who stops actor Christian Bell's from beating the living hell out of prisoners in Batman Begins.

    Finally, Wu had a noteworthy role in 2005s British-French crime thriller Revolver where he appeared as Lord John.

    Actor Tom Wu In The Scorpion King
    Actor Tom Wu In The Scorpion King

    Following Revolver, Wu appeared in The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior as Fong. He then did Mutant Chronicles appearing as Cpl. Juba. In 2011, Tom appeared in an Indian super hero movie Ra.One as Akaashi.

    He also did a Miniseries Treasure Island in 2012, following other two successful movies Skyfall, and Kick-Ass 2.

    Tom in 2014, did one of his most adored role of Hundren Eyes in famous Netflix series Marco Polo. He then appeared in a famous TV series Da Vinci's Demons as Quon Shan.

    In 2017, Tom appeared in somewhat similar role of a master in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. 

    King Arthur And Sir George Action Scene

    Then he did a modern day crime drama series Strangers and Strike Back: Revolution. He also appeared in 2019s greatest action movie Hobbs & Shaw.

    Actor Tom Wu In Marko Polo
    MArko Polo Poster
    In Picture: Tom Wu

    Though Marko Polo series has ended Tom's contract with Netflix is still on. He recently played Earthen Wu in the famous Netflix series The Wu Assassins.

    Tom Wu Is Worth $1.5 Million 

    Tom Wu surely dosen't have as big of an impact on movie world as he has on TV.  Yet, his 21 TV and movie appearances can't just be ignored. 

    Actor Tom Wu In Marko Polo's Premier
    British Actor Tom Wu Promoting Marko Polo In Its Premier 

    Tom has appeared in some of the most famous movies such as Hobbs & Shaw, Skyfall, Sanghai Knights which are immensely successful Hollywood projects. Hence, he reportedly has a net worth of $1.5 million.

    Reportedly, he receives over $75 thousand from his contract with Netflix for his role in Wu Assassins., Prior to that, Tom Wu reportedly received around $70 thousand per episode of the famous Netflix series Marko Polo.

    Tom Wu's Relationship Status; Wife And Daughter

    Shifu Tom Wu has a well balanced career and personal life. Wu, reportedly is a married man and has a baby daughter with his beloved wife. The couple frequently travels from England to Hong Kong and is seen enjoying quality time together.

    Actor Tom Wu With His Wife & Daughter
    In Picture: Actor Tom Wu, His Wife & Daughter
    PC: Twitter

    However, Actor Wu has chosen not to disclose name and other personal details relating to his family. So, we don't know the name, and profession of his better hald or his wife up until now.