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Tom Delonge

pramesh Published On Tue Sep 17 2019   Modified On Sun Dec 22 2019
Tom Delonge

Facts of Tom Delong

Full NameTom Delong
First NameTom
Last NameDelong
Birth NameThomas DeLonge
ProfessionMusician, singer, song writer, record producer, author, filmmaker
Birth CityPoway, California, U.S. Residence
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameThomas DeLonge Sr.
Mother NameConnie DeLonge
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseJennifer DeLonge (m. 2001; div. 2019)
No Of Children2 Jonas Rocket DeLonge (Son), Ava Elizabeth DeLonge
Awards2000 MTV Video Music Awards,Icon Awards,Alternative Press Music Awards,Billboard Music Awards,Blockbuster Entertainment Awards,California Music Awards,Echo Awards,Grammy Awards,iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards,iHeartRadio Music Awards,Kerrang! Awards,Libby Awards,MTV Europe Music Awards,MTV Video Music Awards,Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards,San Diego Music Awards,Teen Choice Awards
Sibilings2 siblings (Kari DeLonge-Sister, Shon DeLonge Brother)
EducationHigh School (Drop Out)
Height193 cm
Networth$80 M
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthDecember 13,1975
Age44 years


    of Tom Delong

    What is Tom Delong marital status ?Divorced
    How many children does Tom Delong have ?2 Jonas Rocket DeLonge (Son), Ava Elizabeth DeLonge
    Who is Tom Delong married with?Jennifer DeLonge (m. 2001; div. 2019)
    What is the height of Tom Delong?193 cm
    What is the weight of Tom Delong?kg

    Who Is Tom DeLonge?

    The American singer, Lead Guitarist, songwriter, author, record producer, actor and filmmaker Tom DeLonge rose to fame with the rise of Blink 182. 

    Currently, after his hiatus with Blink 182, DeLonge left Blink-182 and formed another band Angels And Airwaves where he works as the vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Angels established in 2005. 

    The co-founder Blink-182 stayed with Blink from its creation in 1992 until he withdrew from the Band in 2015.

    Why Is He Famous?

    Alternative-pop-punk singer Tom DeLonge is famous as a founding member of a famous pop-punk band Blink 182. He is also a successful American businessman, music producer, singer and song writer who also has a solo singing career. 

    He also is famous as UFO enthusiast and was featured in History Channels show based on unidentified flying objects named Unidentified. 

    DeLonge And His Life Before Blink 182

    DeLonge grew up in the Poway, California suburbs, where he adopted skateboarding and was slowly into it. He began writing punk rock songs once he received his first guitar. 

    During his high school years, he formed Blink-182 with Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor. In the mid-nineties, the group developed with its independent releases started touring in his home country and Australia. 

    The MCA Records signed Musical-trio in 1996, and once they released their second album, Dude Ranch (1997), known for it's hit song "Dammit" they got exposed to the punk scene. 

    Their second MCA produced album Enema of the State which was released in 1999, was a smash hit with three single runs and the album went quadruple platinum in the U.S. selling over 15 million records worldwide.

    DeLonge also runs the company he established; he owns Macbeth Footwear and the Modlife technology and design company which is run by Tom's sister.

    He contributed to scoring and producing the scientific fiction movie Love in 2011 and is developing several movie projects. On Christmas Eve 2013, he published a kids ' book, The Lonely Astronaut via his independent recording label To The Stars Academy.

    Early Life And Skate Boarding 1975–1991 

    Tom DeLonge was born as Thomas Matthew Delonge Jr. on December 13 1975 in Poway, California. Thomas DeLonge Sr., his dad, was the director of the oil business, and Connie, his mom, was a mortgage broker. 

    His first pieces of a musical instrument was a trumpet received at the age of 11 as a Christmas present. Although he was an early musical fan, he was not all into music at first. 

    Initially, DeLonge went to become a firefighter and took part in the Cadets program of San Diego. First, he took a friend's guitar from the camp and got concerned about the tool. 

    As Christmas present, DeLonge was given his first guitar by two sixth-grade friends, and Tom recalls the guitar as 

    "A beat-up, shitty acoustic guitar worth $30."

    Tom's brother Shon and his sister, Kari, was Tom's first-ever audiences. In the seventh grade, DeLonge stayed with a friend in Oregon who introduced him to the songs of Stiff Little Fingers, Dinosaur Jr. and the Descendants.

    Definitely, on returning, he painted his hair purple and started practicing the guitar loudly in his room. 

    DeLonge tried to establish a group called Big Oily Men, which is mainly a single-man band and its members were whoever he could persuade to join for the next few months. 

    First, in the third grade, DeLonge started skateboarding, which would eat much of his exercise outside of college. "I've been living, dining, and breathing.

    "As long as I got that C, I wouldn't try one minute extra to get a B, I just cared about skateboarding and music."

    His parents had always been fighting in his teenage years, which culminated in divorce when he was 18-year-old.

    Shortly afterward, his mom lost her job, and DeLonge moved quickly, feeling like he needs to begin his life.' 

    DeLonge would be working in building after high school, driving around a diesel truck and handling concrete and piping.

    "I hated, hated, hated my job. Do you know those people who hate their job? That was me, and I quickly quit after Blink-182 was signed to MCA Records in 1996."

    In the second half of his junior year, he was expelled from Poway High School for playing basketball while he was drunken. 

    For six months, he was obliged to attend another college, near Rancho Bernardo High School and became a friend to Kerry Key and Tom's wife, Mark's sister Anne Hoppus. 

    Tom encountered Scott Raynor, the initial drummer at Blink182, who competed against the group of Tom and after he introduced Tom to Mark Hoppus, the new one in San Diego. So this way, Tom's first successful Band, Blink-182, was created by DeLonge in 1992. 

    The Band tried naming their band Duck Tape, Figure 8 but they somehow came up with the name Blink, and after some another band raised it's copyright concerns they added: "182" which still is one of the best-known pop-punk-discographies from the '90s.

    Blink recorded its first demo album Flyswatter on Scott Raynor's bedroom, and Tom would randomly call schools and convince them that they are an anti-drug-awareness band and would play their music in schools on its lunchtime. 

    Blink released Buddha it's third, and final demo album with the help of a Pat Secor a local store manager in 1994 and then the trio released Cheshire Cat in 1995, but they got famous after releasing Dude Ranch in 1996 with MCA.

    With the success of Dude Ranch, which was labeled as gold by 1998, Band started facing problems after their original member Raynor developed drinking problems and started missing tours.

    Sadly, the Band fired one of its original member Scott Raynor and hired Travis Barker, the drummer from The Aquabats who also filled up Raynor's place while he was unable to play for the Band.

    After addition of Barker, the Band moved into the studio with producer Jerry Finn to work on their third album and released Enema of the State on June 1999.

    Enema was the most needed hit album which forced Blink-182 to the stardom. Three singles released from the record

    1. "What's My Age Again?
    2. All the Small Things
    3. Adam's Song"

    All of the above three singles were smash hits and quickly took over all radio stations, along with MTV. Further, the album sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

    The Band recorded Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001), which debuted at number 1 in the United States, Canada, and Germany, following multi-platinum success, arena tours and cameo appearances (American Pie). 

    The Band's major success continued with hits single "The Rock Show" "Stay Together for the Kids" and "First Date" earned MTV's video awards.

    Box Car Racer (2002)

    Following hectic schedules and internal dispute, and Tom DeLonge's personal need to go beyond playful Blink-182, he created a post-hardcore punk-inspired band named Box Car Racer in 2002 with Travis Barker, David Kennedy (who currently is a lead guitarist in AVA), later replaced by Anthony Celestino for Box Car Racer. 

    Although, Tom said it was an experimental thing, Mark, who felt betrayed by the whole Box car thing, and this dispute then resulted in a hiatus in Blink 182.

    A year after Box Car Racer, the Band re-assembled to produce a self-entitled album "Blink-182" in 2003, Blink's original fifth studio album was published by Geffen Records in the fall of 2003, which previously that year absorbed the sister label MCA. 

    Critics welcomed the fresh, more "mature" path from Blink which had high-charted lead singles "Feeling This" and "I Miss You" the latter becoming the second number one hit on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

    Following conflicts and Tom’s refusal to be the part of a business plan rather than being a band let Tom form another Band Angels and Airwaves in 2005. 

    DeLonge with AVA released We Don't Need to Whisper in 2005–07. The Band is an alternative-pop and space rock-themed. American rock supergroup’s name is also named after Tom’s only daughter Ava DeLonge who is currently 17 years old.

    Then the Band again went for a long hiatus after members felt dissatisfied with each other, lesser time for the family, Tom's pain killer addiction, Travis doing his reality show Meet the Barkers and ideological differences in the group resulted in Blink's separation.

    Neighborhood & Dogs Eating Dogs

    In 2008, Travis met a tragic life-threatening plane accident and almost burnt half of his body. Tom then responded first by texting Barker, and the group reunited and toured North America with other bands. Then they went on to release Neighborhood.

    After that, they tried releasing six single mixes as an EP, but after the release, Tom again left the Band and published Tom DeLonge “To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends” which included unpublished Blink-182 songs, and some of his writings.

    Blink 182, however, went on to sing the Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba and has released it’s seventh studio album California. Additionally, the Band is soon releasing its second album with Skiba and eighth album “Nine” in 2019.

    Tom Delong-Angels and Airwaves, Art Projects, Movies & Music

    Tom has Kept up with his musical journey and so far has published several albums with his current Band. Musically, Tom is active with the Band and has released We Don't Need to Whisper, I-Empire in 2009, Love and Love Album: Part Two (2009 to 2012), and a short movie followed with an album The Dream Walker in 2016. 

    Tom pursuing his interest in other Terrestrial life also looks all set to prove aliens exist. Tom also did a history series about UFO’s named Unidentified Inside America's UFO Investigation. 

    Very Tom Mark and Travis are seen pulling re-union jokes now and then but as per Tom they may get reunited, but right now his hands are filled with many projects with To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science which was again formed by the former Blink 182 members and works for Arts and Science projects on UFO’s and Alien life beyond earth.

    Tom Delonge’s New Found Passion For Bikes

    As an inspired skateboarder, Tom always loved the feeling of freedom and has now found bike riding as an alternative to skateboarding. He enjoys long rides and can be seen hitting the roads whenever he is free.

    American interior designer and a contractor Jennifer DeLonge is the spouse of Tom DeLonge and the mother of Jonas Rocket DeLonge and Ava Elizabeth DeLonge, his two beautiful kids. 

    On May 26, 2001, Tom tied the marital knot to his long-time girlfriend and dating partner. Since then, the couple has been together and enjoying a good marriage life. 

    She is also the owner of a 15acre guest house, called the Pioneertown Ranch, in California. More than that, Jennifer is a family lady who carefully and compassionately loves both her kids. Jonas and Rocket's lovely mother also has a hot connection with her husband, Tom DeLonge.

    Know About Tom DeLonge’s Wife & Children

    Tom DeLonge and his former wife Jennifer DeLonge have two lovely children together. Their firstborn daughter Ava Elizabeth DeLonge (named after Tom’s Band Angels And Airwaves) was born on July 15, 2002, and she is now 17 years old.

    Further, Tom’s second child son Jonas Rocket DeLonge was born in 2006 and is currently age 13 years old.

    As per TMZ's report on 17-09-2019, Tom DeLonge has filed for a divorce ending his almost two decades long marriage with Jennifer sighting irreconcilable differences. The case as per TMZ was filed in the San Deago Court on 16th September 2019.  So, Tom DeLonge and Jennifer Jenkins aren't together anymore.

    Tom DeLonge is Dating a Girl Named Marie
    Tom DeLonge With His Current Girlfriend Marie

    Currently, Tom is dating a girl named Marie, and the former Blink 182 frontier revealed the information via his IG in December of 2019.

    How Much Is Tom Delonge’s Current Net Worth?

    Tom DeLonge's net worth as of 2019 is reportedly around $80 million. He still is involved in music but currently he is more of an alternative rock singer and has a very loyal fan base but all of his recent projects hasn't seen the success he saw in late 90's with his former band. 

    Tom is also an entrepreneur, and as per reports his company To The Stars Academy, which is involved in arts, music, and extra-terrestrials on September 2017, opened the company's share for general public and opened $50 million worth stock to fund its operations. 

    Despite his website claims to have over 2,547 investors SEC reports show that To the Stars Academy Of Arts And Science has only sold a little over $1 million worth of stock which is again only due to Tom DeLonge's involvement in it.

    Recently To The Stars Is Said To Be In Massive Debts, How Much Of It's True?

    As per DeLonge the company is an arts and science project and isn't fully based on profit making purposes and is doing fairly well. 

    There were certain critics which even included Joe Rogan making claims that Tom's company is barely surviving and is under a heavy debt.

    But until he files for bankruptcy or outs the details himself nothing can be said with a hundred percent assurance. So for now, we would like to go with Tom's statements.