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Thomas Gibson

pramesh Published On Tue Mar 17 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 17 2020
Thomas Gibson

Facts of Thomas Gibson


    of Thomas Gibson

    Who Is Thomas Gibson?

    Thomas Gibson was born in 1999. He is a celebrity son born to a famous Actor name Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore.

    Thomas Gibson recently graduated from college in 2017. He is the Youngest kid from Mel Gibson and Robyn .

    Why Is Thomas Gibson Famous?

    Thomas Gibson is a son of a famous Actor Mel Gibson. 

    Thomas and Mel Gibson

    He is the actor's youngest kid, who recently graduated from college in 2017.

    Thomas Gibson's Bio's, Early Life, & Career

    Thomas Gibson is the youngest son of Mel and Robyn Gibson born in 1999. He just turned 21 years old in 2020.

    Thomas Gibson's grand mother's name is Anne Reilly and his grandfather's name is Huttin Gibson.

    Thomas Gibson had difficult childhood cause he just had turned 10 when his mother filled for divorce against his father.

    Thomas Gibson Father

    Gibsons and Robyn worked hard to keep the confusion and scrutiny of their impending divorce from Thomas to stop the news from being disruptive to their youngest son. To resolve this issue the pair shared the joint custody of their youngest son despite their differences.

    Thomas Gibson Net Worth 

    Thomas is a celebrity son who is fresh out of college, its not clear if he is willing to pursue acting or would take another career route. However, his father Mel Gibson who played Brave Heart has a net worth of $425 million.

    Thomas Gibson Family

    Thomas Gibson's Relationship Status 

    Thomas Gibson is currently single and he is in any relationships but he shares a loving bond with his father and all his siblings.

    Thomas Gibson Hang Out With Mel Gibson

    May be, he is focusing on his career challenges or the celebrity son might also be dating someone secretly.

    Thomas Gibson Measurements

      Name   Thomas Gibson 
      Age  21 years Old 
     Birth Year  1999
      Father Name   Mel Gibson
      Hair Color  Brown
      Eye Color  Brown

    FAQ's on Thomas Gibson

    1. When was Thomas Gibson born?

    Thomas Gibson is the youngest son of a famous actor named Mel Gibson and was born in 1999.

    2. Who is Thomas Gibson's Father?

    Thomas Gibson's father is the American actor Mel Gibson. Thomas Gibson is Mel's youngest child.

    3. What Was Thomas Gibson's age when his mother filled for a Divorce against his father?

    Thomas was just 10 years old when his parents parted ways. However, his parents shared his custody to save him from all the emotional trouble that comes along with a dysfunctional family and divorce.