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pramesh Published On Tue Feb 25 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 02 2020

Facts of Stevewilldoit

Full NameSteveWillDoIt
First NameSteveWillDoIt
Birth NameStephen
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Birth CityFlorida
Birth CountryAmerica
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusRelation
Height188 cm
Weight85 kg
Networth$747 k
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthAugust 26,1998
Age21 years


    of Stevewilldoit

    What is Stevewilldoit marital status ?Relation
    What is the height of Stevewilldoit?188 cm
    What is the weight of Stevewilldoit?85 kg

    Who Is SteveWillDoIt?

    SteveWillDoIt is a famous YouTuber from America, who posts insane videos on internet and social media in order to entertain his audiences.

    Steve is known for being one of the former member of Youtube channel "Nelk Boys".

    Why Is SteveWillDoIt Famous?

    Steve is a famous Youtuber with over 1.7 million subscribers on his Official YouTube channel.

    He got more famous when he teamed up with the team named "Nelk Boys".

    Steve with Nelk Boys

    He usually posts food challenges and insane drinking challenges on his YouTube through which more viewers are attracted to his videos.

    Steve's Official Instagram Account

    Steve as almost 1.7 million followers on Instagram and is a social media star, Youtuber, foodie, an entrepreneur, as well as a merchandiser of his own products.

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    One of Steve's best one-liner reads "Full time Alcoholic-Straight Out Of High-school."

    He started his own YouTube channel on SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 which now has over 1.7 million subscribers and his IG bio says he is the healthiest man alive!

    SteveWillDoIt's Bio, Early life, & Career

    SteveWillDoIt was born on 26th August 1998 in Florida, America as Stephen Deleonardis. Currently Steve is 22 years old as of 2020.

    Stephen Deleonardis

    Steve is a social media influencer by profession. The food challenger SteveWillDoit belongs to white ethnicity and is an American young adult who gained a huge fan base doing all kinds of crazy challenges on the internet. He has 1.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

    Steve is also popular for teaming up with famous YouTube group "Nelk Boys". 

    He has published plenty of insane drinking videos on his channel which has made him one of the popular social media stars in recent days.

    Not only for his drinking videos, Steve is equally known to make contents which aren't ever tried by any other YouTubers. So, viewers always wonder What Will He Do Next?

    The drinking videos of Steve has made people believe that he must be of a legal age for drinking. But, it was revealed recently that he was doing those things illegally as he turned 19 on 26th August 2019.

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    He is currently spending time making videos and is often busy in meet and greet with his fans.

    SteveWillDoIt's Net Worth

    Steve's main source of income is his life as a social media influencer. His current net worth is around $747,000 earned through his Merch-Website, IG posts, YouTube videos and more.

    SteveWillDoIt 30 Burgers Challenge
    SteveWillDoIt 30 Burgers Challenge 

    His Tank-tops and T's sell at $30 to $50 per piece which are mostly out of stock. 

    Steve Will Do It! Merch
    Steve Will Do It! Merch

    Steve in 2020 is expected to cross the one million mark and if his popularity keeps increasing this way, within 2021, SteveWillDoIt will have make over $3 million, when he wraps 2021.

    Is StevenWillDoIt Married; Is He Dating Someone?

    Steve's love life is easily accessible to his fans as Steve isn't much of a complicated man! As of 2020, he is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Celina Smith.

    Steve's girlfriend Celena Smith
    Steve's Girlfriend Celena Smith

    Just like Steve, Celina is an aspiring Instagram model with 100k followers on her Instagram. The couple kept appearing in their respective Instagram up until January 2020, but all the pictures have been taken down recently. 

    Wait! Don't judge them, they are still together, but the pictures were taken down for privacy concerns.

    SteveWillDoIt's Statistics & Body Measurements

    No matter what, Steve-Will-Always -Be-A-Gym-Person! Handsome young adult, Steve works hard to maintain his body. He is a muscular guy, who can lift weights while high on weed or boozed up on beer. 

    SteveWillDoIt Showing his Guns
    SteveWillDoIt Showing his Guns

    He works hard to keep his bio true and is truly one of the healthiest person alive. Here are all stats on American Muscle specimen, SteveWillDoIt:

    DOB26 August 1998
    Age22 years
    ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
    Weight85 kg
    Zodiac SignVirgo
    Height5ft-10 inches
    Weight170 Lbs
    Shoes11 In US

    FAQ's on SteveWillDoIt

    When was SteveWillDoIt born?

    Steve was born on 26th August 1998 in Florida, America.

    How did Steve got famous?

    At first Steve used to post drinking videos on his social media before he was actually legally alloud to drink which got him famous but after SteveWillDoIt teamed or collaborated with the Nelk Boys, his fame hyped even more.

    Who is Steve Dating Now?

    Steve is in relationship with his girlfriend Celina Smith who is an Instagram model.

    What is SteveWillDoIt's profession?

    Steve works as a YouTuber and Social media influencer. He uploads insane videos on his YouTube channel SteveWillDoIt.

    How Did SteveWillDoIt Get a Felony?

    As per social media star Steve, he was caught and jailed for Marij*a*a charges while he was still a minor, he also was caught for drinking charges as a minor. Thank-god the guy turned 19 in 2019, or he actually would have crossed the limits. But, Steve isn't a Felon.

    What does NELK stand for? 

    NELK is a YouTube channel, which is one of the last remaining prank channels devoted to making real skits. Their prank videos are savage.