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pramesh Published On Sat May 02 2020   Modified On Wed Aug 26 2020

Facts of Shiey

Other NameShiey
Gender IdentityMale
Height185 cm
Weight68 kg
Networth$1.2 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile


    of Shiey

    What is the height of Shiey?185 cm
    What is the weight of Shiey?68 kg

    Who Is Shiey?

    Shiey is YouTuber, Videographer, Singer, and Composer, best known for his risky videos, which include climbing and exploring huge buildings, watchtowers, space stations, bunkers, trains surfing, and exploring vacated cities.

    Why Is Shiey Famous? 

    Shiey indeed is a very cool person to watch, plus his videos are made with entirely new concepts. His dangerous acts of climbing off huge buildings, his passion for Illegal climbing and exploring undoubtedly is the best thing to watch on the internet today. 

    Shiey in train surfing
    Shiey Train Surfing To an Abandoned City In Russia
    Source: Twitter

    Because of his risky huge building climbing videos, he already has more than 1.18m subscribers on YouTube.

    Shiey is also known on social networking sites. He has around 16.6k followers on Twitter and 62.1k followers on his official Instagram.

    Shiey Bio, Early Life, & Career

    Shiey's birth-date, his family members, and educational background are not revealed. But, we assume he is still in his 20s and is currently living in America.

    Shiey climbing a tower in Switzerland
    Shiey climbing a tower in Switzerland
    Source: Instagram

    His YouTube career begun after he joined the video platform on September 21, 2013, with a YouTube channel "shiey." 

    During the early days, very few people followed his channel on YouTube. 

    Shiey in Lithuania
    Shiey in Lithuania 
    Source: Instagram

    But after he started pulling dangerous stunts and uploading solo-travel videos on his channel, he reached 1m subscribers in 2015. 

    His first-ever viral video was his exploration vlog on USSR bunkers in Lithuania, which were closed after the fall of the iron curtain. That video was viewed over 8 million times, and it quickly skyrocketed the subscribers into his channel as well.

     Since then, he is running a show "ILLEGAL FREEDOM" on YouTube. Till 2020, he has made more than 30 videos, and every video he has made thus far, are quite popular as people get to be a part of his wild travel journeys. Likewise, he, as of 2020, has around 1.18m subscribers on his official YouTube.

    Besides being an adventurer, he is also a singer and Composer and has made a few video songs that are equally famous. Additionally, some of his music is also featured as a background score for a few of his adventure videos.

    How much Is Shiey's Net Worth?

    Shiey is a YouTuber with 1.18 million subscribers. His videos have been viewed more than 85 million times so far.

    Talking about Shiey's Youtube earnings, any YouTuber earns from $1.5-$3 for every thousand views. This means Shiey's making from YouTube should be around $1.2 million-$2.25 million, up until 2020.

    Shiey taking selfie
    Source: Twitter

    Likewise, Shiey's net worth is around $1.2 million in 2020, which he earned as a professional YouTuber, Videographer, Singer, and Composer. 

    Here are some facts relating his net worth from YouTube:

    Approximated Net Worth in 2020(Till April)+$1.2 Million
    Past Year's Net Worth (2019)$600,000-$1.2 million
    Yearly Income$100,000-$150,000
    Source of IncomeYoutuber, Videographer, Singer, and Composer(profession)

    Is Shiey married or dating someone?

    Shiey being a popular risk-taking YouTubers, many women are attracted to him for his courageous acts. Though, in 2020, he seems to be single concerning his social media accounts.

    Shiey standing near the end of huge building
    Source: Instagram

    Shiey's Body Measurements

    Shiey has very well very maintained body. He indeed is much more concerned about living a healthy life as his job is super demanding. 

    He usually dresses in a post-apocalypse fashion, and to be honest, his character suits a ninja type persona he has created. He mostly covers his mouth with a mask that looks like the one that Kakashi Hatake wears in Naruto. 

    Shiey in France bunkers
    Source: Instagram

    Further, people relate his personality to many comic heroes because of the risk-taking videos he uploads. So, here are facts relating to his body measurements:

    Weight68 kg 
    Height6 feet 1 inch
    Hair Light Brown
    Body TypeSlim

    Some FAQs related to Shiey

    Where does Shiey currently live?

    Shiey currently lives in the United States.

    Is Shiey married or dating someone?

    Currently, it looks as if Shiey is single as per the references in his social media accounts.

    How much is Shiey worth?

    Shiey has an estimated net worth of around $1.2 million in 2020.

    What are Shiey's height and weight?

    Shiey is 6 feet 1 inch tall, and he weighs around 149lbs / 68 kg.