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Shaye Saint John

pramesh Published On Thu Jul 23 2020   Modified On Sat Aug 08 2020
Shaye Saint John

Facts of Shaye Saint John

Full NameShaye Saint John
First NameShaye
Middle NameSaint
Last NameJohn
Other NameEric Fournier
Professionmusician, performance artist, actor, and producer
Birth CityIndiana
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityOther
Marital StatusSingle
Height175 cm
Networth$100 k
Date of BirthOctober 9,1967
Age53 years


    of Shaye Saint John

    What is Shaye Saint John marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Shaye Saint John?175 cm
    What is the weight of Shaye Saint John?kg

    Who is Shaye Saint John?

    Shaye Saint John is the creepiest and scary fictional character created by Eric Fournier, who used to appear in short films of early 2000.

    Why is Shaye Saint John famous?

    Shaye Saint John has been famous since appearing in 2002's short film; Happy Turkey Day. Her horror videos have been remarkably popular. 

    Shaye Saint John

    Moreover, Shaye gained more popularity after a blog at LiveJournal started posting her videos. 

    Later, a Youtube channel named Elastic Spastic Plastic Fantastic created on August 30, 2006, also uploaded 56 of her videos as series from 2006 till 2007, some of which is now available on another Youtube channel after the videos were deleted.

    Shaye Saint John's role 

    Shaye Saint John is a fictional character created by Eric Fournier since 2002. In the story, Shaye is described as being hit by a train resulting in loss of arms and legs. 

    Shaye Saint John

    Shaye Saint john's character in all videos is pictured as a model, who is seen wearing a mask, wig, creepy dress, and fake boned hands after the accident.

    Later, people talked a lot about her disappearance and even speculated Eric Fournier had died, which then turned real. One of the rumors also says that Eric Fournier wasn't the actual person making the Shaye Saint John's acts. 

    Another woman was claiming to be the real Shaye Saint John,  and she also has an interview recorded in Youtuber. 

    Though, this might be fake news, as the interview is a little strange and reveal very little information about her.

    Eric Fournier and his demise

    Eric Fournier was an American musician, performance artist, actor, and producer, born on October 9, 1967, in Bloomington, Indiana, United States.

    Man behind Shaye Saint John

    Fournier was the former member of punk bands like The Blood Farmers and Skelegore in the 1990s. Later, he started working on the first Shaye Saint John film, Stumpwater Salad, after making an appearance in 2002's short film; Happy Turkey Day. 

    In 2006, he packaged 30 of the videos collectively on a DVD named The Triggers Compilation, as the director, writer, editor, and producer of the 30 videos series. But, sadly, Fournier died on February 25, 2010, in Palm Springs hospital due to alcoholism-induced internal hemorrhage.

    But here's a scary part, a channel is active with Shaye's character since 2015, even after Eric's death, which makes Shaye's channel super creepy.

    Eric and Shaye documentary

    A Documentary director Larry Wessel began a Kickstarter documentary movie, which showed Shaye Saint John's character and the personal life of the character's creator, Eric Fournier.

    Who is running  Miss Shaye St. John Channel in 2020?

    There isn't much information about who might be running the Miss Shaye St. John Channel now. Still, it seems the owner of the channel is quite close to Shaye Saint John and might even be one of Eric Fournier's relatives, who was with him while Eric performed Shaye Saint John's acts.

    The channel was created on September 7, 2015, and as of 2020, the channel has already uploaded ten videos, among which TRIGGER 28 MY MOUSY is the most popular.

    Some FAQs related to Shaye Saint John

    When did Eric and Shaye Documentary premiere?

    Eric and Shaye Documentary premiered in October of 2016.

    How is Shaye Saint John related to Eric Fournier?

    Shaye Saint John is a character part played by Eric Fournier.

    Is Shaye Saint John a real or fictional character?

    Shaye Saint John is a fictional character played by Eric Fournier.

    How tall was Eric Fournier?

    Eric Fournier was 5 feet 9 inches / 175 cm tall.