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Safiya Nygaard

pramesh Published On Sun Mar 29 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 31 2020
Safiya Nygaard

Facts of Safiya Nygaard

Full NameSafia Nygaard
First NameSafia
Last NameNygaard
Birth CityLos Angeles
Birth CountryAmerica
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTyler Williams
Relation WithHusband
FilmographyTMI Hollywood
EducationStanford university
Height177 cm
Weight57 kg
Networth$100 k
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthJuly 16,1992
Age27 years


    of Safiya Nygaard

    What is Safiya Nygaard marital status ?Married
    Who is Safiya Nygaard married with?Tyler Williams
    Who is Safiya Nygaard in Relation with?Husband
    What is the height of Safiya Nygaard?177 cm
    What is the weight of Safiya Nygaard?57 kg

    Who Is Safiya Nygaard?

    Safiya Nygaard is one of the talented actress, comedian, writer and a video producer. Safiya Nygaard is mostly known for her contributions on BuzzFeed.

    Why Is Safiya Nygaard Famous?

    Safiya is famous as a beauty vlogger and is mainly famous in YouTube, as her official channel has over 8 million subscribers.

    Safiya Nygaard's Official YouTube Channel

    Just like TryGuys, Safiya first got famous after joining BuzzFeed and uploading creating video content for the media production company.

    Safiya Nygaard has also huge fan following on her official Instagram. So far the social media star Nygaard's IG has 2.4 million followers as of March 2020.

    Safia Nygaard's Official Instagram Account
    Safiya Nygaard's Official Instagram Account

    Safiya Nygaard's Bio, Early life and Career

    Safiya Nygaard was born on July 16, 1992 in Los Angeles, America and is currently 28 years old. 

    Safiya is a Potterhead meaning she is a huge Harry Potter fan and loves the pop culture. Safiya is a little bit from everywhere because she is a mix of Caucasian, Hispanic, South Asian, Native American and Middle Eastern descent.

    Safia Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya is a Stanford University graduate and participated in thatre productions of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Crucible, while she was in the University.

    After Safiya graduated from Stanford University, she started her career as a video producer co-creating a web series "Tiger Dad Comedy" when .

    In April 2015, Safiya started to work for BuzzFeed as a Video production intern and then became a video actor in that same year.

    Safiya has became a full-time video producer for BuzzFeed in November 2015. Later, she became a co-founding member as well as co-creator of Ladylike Series which has helped the channel BuzzFeedyellow to gain over 1.7 million subscribers.

    Safiya then announced publicly that resigned the BuzzFeed media on Jan 27, 2017.

    Safia Nygaard leaving BuzzFeed
    Safiya Nygaard leaving BuzzFeed

    After that, Safiya posted a photo on her official Instagram account stating that she is going to work full time on her official YouTube channel.

    Later, she also posted a video sharing why she left BuzzFeed, and on the video she basically said that she wanted more creative freedom, and as the BuzzFeed media was unable to give decision on the future of her YouTube series, she left the platform for good.

    Her official YouTube channel now has over 8.1 million subscribers and some of her popular videos are "melting Every lipstick from Sephora together", "melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together" etc.

    Nygaard, in her acting career has appeared on TMI Hollywood in 2015 and has been a production assistant for "Bitch Please" in its episode Revenge Of Commodes.

    Safiya Nygaard's Net Worth

    In past, Safiya earn her living as a BuzzFeed's video content creator but now, Safia earns money from her Official YouTube channel posting her own videos. 

    Reportedly, Safiya's current net worth is estimated to be at $3 million earned from her multiple careers. Added that, she reportedly makes an average of $5000 per day from her YouTube videos which suggests that she makes around $1.8 million per year from YouTube. Added that, she earns around $5 thousand from her Instagram sponsorship per post.

    As of now, the star YouTuber lives in Los Angeles, C.A.

    Is Safiya Nygaard Married Or Dating Someone?

    Safiya Nygaad got engaged to Tyler Williams, CEO and founder of Nextbeat, in Dec 14, 2018. Following the engagement, the pair got married on January 2020.

    Alike Safiya, her husband Tyler is also a social media influencer, businessman, and a well known YouTuber with around 1.17 million followers on his YouTube channel.

    Safia with her Boyfriend Tyler Williams
    Safiya with her Boyfriend Tyler Williams

    Reportedly, the couple met while they were in the Stanford college but they didn't start dating up until they finished their college.

    The pair had their first kiss when they went to the Disneyland together. As per Safiya, although Tyler wasn't considering it as an official date, she had already contemplated a kiss. 

    One interesting thing about this YouTuber pair is that they still go to Disneyland every year to celebrate their first date's anniversary.

    Safiya Nygaard's Statistics & Body Measurement

    Safiya is an actress, YouTuber, and a beauty vlogger. She is one of the hot divas available on the web. But this hot figure doesn't come without a sacrifice, she is a diet conscious, gym freak.

    Safia Nygaard In A Complete Black Attire
    Safiya Nygaard In A Complete Black Attire

    Despite having a super attractive body, this self taught biracial babe has said that she is still skeptical about bodycon dresses, in one of her interviews. 

    NameSafiya Nygaard
    DOBJuly 16, 1992
    Age28 years
    Height5 ft 10 inch
    Weight57 kg
    Zodia signCancer

    FAQ's on Safiya Nygaard

    When did Safiya Nygaard start working on BuzzFeed?

    Safiya Nygaard started working for BuzzFeed in the April of 2015.

    On which year did BuzzFeed resign from BuzzFeed?

    On jan 27, 2017, Safiya resigned from BuzzFeed.

    Who is Safiya Nygaard engaged to?

    Safiya is engaged to YouTuber Tyler Williams since Dec 14, 2018.

    How much is Safiya Nygaard Worth?

    Safiya Nygaard's current net worth is around $1 million.

    How much subscribers does Safiya Nygaard's YouTube channel have?

    Safiya's Youtube channel contains over 8.1 million subscribers as of 2020.

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