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Privacy Policies

Fame Marker operates to provide our readers with biography, news and does it's best to safeguard the private data of our customers. We are committed to defending privacy issues and wish to emphasize our dedication over certainly not collecting, using and disclosing restricted data (except for extreme conditions like government interference).

The following subheadings describe the terms and conditions, included in our privacy policy:

1.a Personal Information

FM gathers your data in case you feel the need to comment on stories posted on our websites. We will only obtain private information in such instances to regulate any policy violation. If you submit a media account username like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., only then commenting is allowed or else your views wouldn't appear anywhere on the post. Why do we need social media verification?

 Social media verification best regulate any racial remarks and other violence which we do not promote in any shape or form and if your social media is verified it will be the reader's responsibility to stay away from any such controversy.

1.b Personal Information Usage

As indicated in 1.a., the information we gather here is only used for reviews-feedbacks on your comments or posts that you desire us to feature. The collection of information applied from 1.a is however with a clear intention to assist enhance the user experience of our website or to alter the material as suggested by our customers via our website link if required.

We're ready to receive user feedback via our email as an open page, but unless we find something about the mail of prime importance, we won't entertain fast inboxes or the quick posts in the comment section.

1.c. Disclosure Of Information

We do not disclose your restricted information to others as we only are a common platform for visitors as stated in 1a. 

However, as stated in 1a, FM will not transmit the details to a third party and if found doing so, we shall be punished by the state's law. We only do so after signing a customer's consent and in accordance, a legal disclosure in accordance with the Privacy Act amended in 2018, as governed by the law State's law.

1.2 Storage & Security of Any Personal Information

Furthermore, all personal data (such as email accounts, user profiles, and direct messages) is protected at any cost as assured. FM will never use it for its own benefit but it's used for better user experience, however.

We collect some logistical data such as customer's IP address, timezone, proximity or search engine, and the device and operating system that you are using. This only improves our users gain a better site navigation understanding.

1.3 Sharing Information

As enlisted in 1.2, we share a bundled quantitative report with no personal information but bundled analytical reports, FM utilizes anonymous data from all users and shares it with third parties.

1.4 Use of Analytical Tool

We will use various analytics tools to track page views, clicks or cursor movements using any credible third-party tool.

1.5 Cookies

Please be assured that FM is a cookie-free site and we don't use cookies, but your search engine, however, may use their own products for the browser's better usage.

3.0 Policy Modification

You can email us through the Contact Us page and ask us for any adjustments that you want us to make if you have any complaint regarding a breach of your privacy but this includes the disclosure of your private information if you want an explanation but fake-looking social media accounts will be banned by Quality Assurance team.

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