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Philip DeFranco

pramesh Published On Thu Feb 06 2020   Modified On Fri Sep 18 2020
Philip DeFranco

Facts of Philip Defranco

Full NamePhilip James Defranco
First NamePhilip
Middle NameJames
Last NameDefranco
Birth NamePhilip James Franchini Jr.
Birth CityLos Angeles,California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NamePhilip Franchini, Sr
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLondsay Jordan
No Of Children2
AwardsWired magazine award,2nd IAWTV Awards,3rd Streamy Awards(*2),4th Streamy Awards,6th Streamy Awards(*2),8th Streamy Awards,9th Streamy Awards
Filmography1000+ video Starring for Youtube
EducationUniversity of South Florida,Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College
Height183 cm
Weight78 kg
Networth$6.4 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthDecember 1,1985
Age34 years
Married DateMarch 7,2015


    of Philip Defranco

    What is Philip Defranco marital status ?Married
    How many children does Philip Defranco have ?2
    Who is Philip Defranco married with?Londsay Jordan
    When was Philip Defranco married?2015
    What is the height of Philip Defranco?183 cm
    What is the weight of Philip Defranco?78 kg

    Who Is Philip Defranco?

    "Philip James DeFranco," shortly named Philip Defranco, is an American news commentator and a Youtuber. He is best recognized for The Philip DeFranco Show, a news commentary show focused on current issues in politics and culture, who has listed above 1,000 videos since 2014 and his increasing news channels, Rogue Rocket.

    Why Is Philip Defranco Famous?

    Philip Defranco is one of the recognized Youtuber in the world. He is highly praised for his versatile video making ability relating lots of topics concerning the present situation.

    Source: Youtube
    Philip Defranco's Youtube Channel
    Source: Youtube

    Defranco's channel named Rogue Rocket has made another remarkable achievement covering over 1,000 videos from 2014 relating politics, cultural hazards, women empowerment, and so on, from his news commentary show.

    Source: Instagram
    Philip Defranco On Instagram

    Defranco is also famous in social media as well. He has around 669k followers on Instagram and about 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

    Philip Defranco Bio, Early life and Career

    Philip Defranco was born on December 1, 1995, in New York City, United States. His parents both split up when he was just around 10-11 years old. 

    Source: Google Images
    Philip Defranco hosting a show
    Source: Google Images

    Since then, he stayed with his mother, who was killed by her boyfriend when Defranco was 14 years old and was given the charge to his biological father, Philip Franchini, Sr. With a passing year, he studied in Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and later graduated from East Carolina University.

    Philip Defranco in an Award show
    Source: Google Images

    Philip Defranco had already started his YouTube career while he was still a student at East Carolina University. In 2006, when he inaugurated his first YouTube channel, ''Sxe Phil.''

    Source: Twitter
    Philip Defranco On Twitter

    At that time, fewer people were posting online content, and it was comparatively more comfortable to get noticed with only one video.

    Inside a short period, DeFranco obtained small but loyal followers that mostly included teenaged girls.

    Video: Top 10 Ways to Get out of an Argument

    Defranco's channel got even more fame after the release of ''The Philip DeFranco Show'' in 2007. The succeeding year, he co-appeared with Jessica Rose and Kevin Wu in ''Hooking Up'', an HBO Labs web series.

    Philip Defranco Looking Super Sharp In A Black Suit
    Philip Defranco Looking Super Sharp In A Black Suit

     In January 2012, he built a news website and YouTube channel ''SourceFed,'' formerly produced by James Haffner. This new channel mainly concentrated on news, popular culture, and technology.

    Currently, his main channel has accumulated over 6.4 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views, as in January 2020.

    Know Philip Defranco's's Net Worth

    Philip Defranco is one of the top Youtubers making videos on various topics on his YouTube.

    Philip Defranco On Twitter
    Source: Twitter

    Philip Defranco is worth around $6.4 million in 2020.

    Philip Defranco's's Relationship Status

    DeFranco proposed to Lindsay, his longtime girlfriend, on August 16, 2013, at his "DeFranco Loves Dat AZ" program in Tempe, Arizona.

    In Picture: Philip, Lindsay, and their firstborn son Philip "Trey" DeFranco III.
    PC: Facebook

    The proposal was fixed up by a question from the public to Lindsay, asking if she and DeFranco would ever get married. DeFranco reacted by proposing to Lindsay on staging. Lindsay said "yes" just when her parents emerged on the stage.

    Video: Philip Defranco Proposing Lindsay 

    On October 8, 2013, DeFranco and Lindsay declared they were foreseeing their first child in April. Their son, Philip "Trey" DeFranco III, was born on April 22, 2014. Their marriage took place on March 7, 2015, and was recorded on social media. 

    On February 24, 2017, the couple declared they were foreseeing a second son, named Carter William DeFranco; Carter was finally born on 09/08/2017, exactly when the clock hit 12:08 amand is two years old as of now.

    Lindsay DeFranco and Philip DeFranco's son Carter DeFranco
    Lindsay DeFranco and Philip DeFranco's son Carter DeFranco

    DeFranco resides in Sherman Oaks, Yorkshire, since 2015 Los Angeles with his spouse, Lindsay Jordan DeFranco, their sons Philip "Trey" DeFranco III, and Carter William DeFranco.

    A Picture Compiling Moments Between Lindsay Jordan DeFranco, her two Sons Trey and Carter, along With Lindsay's Husband Philip
    A Picture Compiling Moments Between Lindsay Jordan DeFranco, her two Sons Trey and Carter, along With Lindsay's Husband, Philip

    Philip Defranco's's Body Measurements

    Here are some facts relating to one of the famous Youtuber, Philip Defranco, concerning him and his body measurements:

    Weight78 kg
    Height6 feet 1 inch
    Hair Black
    EyesDark Brown
    GirlfriendLindsay Jordan
    Net Worth$6.4 million

    Some FAQs related to Philip Defranco

    What Is Philip Defranco's full name? 

    Philip Defranco's full name is Philip James DeFranco Jr. 

    What does it mean to be a Financial Conservative? 

    A financially conservative person is against a government that expands beyond its means through debt but usually chooses debt over tax increases.

    Is Philip Defranco Financially Conservative?

    Yes, Philip Defranco has said that he would choose debt over a tax increase. Hence he can be termed as Financial Conservative.

    Is Philip DeFranco Married?

    Yes, Philip De Franco has been married to Lindsay Jordan for two years, had their wedding on March 7, 2015, which was caught on social media. 

    Does Philip DeFranco Have Any Children?

    Yes, Philip Defranco has a son, Philip DeFranco III, who was born in April 2014. More lately, in February of 2017, the pair had declared that she was pregnant with her second son, today known as Carter William DeFranco.

    Did Philip DeFranco go to College?

    Yes, Philip DeFranco traveled to the University of South Florida before shifting to the Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College. 

    He revisited East Carolina University, although he eventually left before receiving his bachelor's degree.

    Where Does Philip DeFranco Live? 

    Currently, the Youtube celebrity stays in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, with his wife, two sons. In July 2016, DeFranco declared that he had bought a new house, although details have not been disclosed.

    Is Philip DeFranco either liberal or conservative? 

    Politically, he is a democrat, and in the 2012 US presidential election, he voted for the Democrat candidate Gary Johnson. DeFranco described his political views as, for the most part, "fiscally conservative, socially liberal."

    How Much Is Philip DeFranco worth?

    Philip DeFranco is currently worth around $6.5 million.

    How much is Philip DeFranco doing on YouTube? 

    Philip is estimated to make around $10 thousand per month from his main YouTube channel without including sponsorships, merchandising deals, and secondary media.

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