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Nick Crompton

pramesh Published On Tue Sep 03 2019   Modified On Thu Sep 05 2019
Nick Crompton

Facts of Nick Crompton


    of Nick Crompton

    Who Is who Nick Crompton? Know His Biography

    If you have seen the video, England Is My City; then you definitely should know who Nick Crompton is.

    The 24 years old guy has taken over the meme world, YouTube and almost the entire internet platforms by storm. He is a famous Instagram personality and Youtuber. He was also the COO of the renowned Team 10 internet group until he left in 2018.

    After he found fame in YouTube, he then later co-founded a Social Media Marketing Agency which is known as Social Chain. Also, he is an extremely useful social-media influencer, incubation and marketing conglomerate.

    Why Is Nick Crompton Famous?

    Nick does regular YouTube Gimmicks just hike his friends but he is also able to deliver something new every time.

    Crompton got famous after releasing England Is My City song featuring Jake Paul and Team 10, which right after it's release created a huge buzz in all media.

    Early Life, Education

    Nick Crompton was born on 5 February 1995 and is 24 years old as of 2019. Aquarian Nick was born in Bradford, England and is a British man with white ethnic background. He also has a younger brother.

    Young Nick Crompton
    In Picture: A Young Nick Crompton

    Growing up, Crompton was attending the Salt Sixth Form in Tatus. Later, he came to the sixth form of Titus Salt. Crompton currently resides in Los Angeles, California following his success.

    Career Highlights

    Only at age 24, Nick Crompton succeed in becoming one of Hollywood's most successful imaging executives. Crompton has two YouTube channels, a vlog based channel and a gaming channel. 

    Crompton is responsible for managing the marketing attempts of the multiple segments of his company, including the expansion of the American social media personality market to the vast Chinese market.

    Additionally, he is also a component of the mighty social chain, which is responsible for offbeat web advertising by top brands.

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    Crompton is popular with social media outlets other than YouTube as well. Particularly on Instagram he's got over 1 million followers. Many individuals keep checking to find out what he is up to and to know details on his recent projects. 

    In Picture: Logo of Social Chain (Company of Nick Crompton)
    Nick Crompton's Company Social Chain's Logo 

    Also, He uses this internet-based platform to let his fans know his fast-lane life in Los Angeles. 

    In Picture: Nick Crompton and his friends
    In Picture: Nick Crompton Surrounded By His Friends 
    Source: (@thenickcrompton)

    His social media business and his perfect understanding of how to gain people behind him on his social platforms is another way Compton claims to fame and money. 

    Earlier on, he worked as the COO of "Team-10"

    In Picture: Nick Crompton in between his Team-10 Friends
    In Picture: Nick Crompton with his friends from Team-10

    He managed various social medias of different personalities across all platforms such as, Instagram, Vine, which now known as TikTok. 

    What's Nick Crompton's Net Worth?

    Since 2012, Nick Crompton is active in YouTube and with two equally successful channels, Instagram endorsements and huge deals the Englishman has built a highly valued business empire. 

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    As of 2018, Nick Crompton's reported net worth is around $1.6 million, which is just an assumption based on his online success. Nick, however, hasn't outed his actual earnings and is ventures beside his involvement with his agency.

    Is Nick Crompton Dating Someone?

    "Nick is the king of comedy, and his first love will forever be his career as a Youtuber"; Just kidding! The young entrepreneur, after being rumored to be dating several celebrities, finally revealed his fans. As of 2019, he is still dating a male-model Levy Erskine.

    Nick Crompton and his boyfriend
    In Picture: Nick and his Boyfriend "Levy Erskine" 

    The gay man addressed his sexuality and relationship status for the first time in one of Team 10's vlogs, where he presented Levy as his girlfriend. Yes! Nick came straight out of the closet as a gay man. 

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    Additionally, the vlog was his first-ever on-camera acceptance about his sexuality.

    Was Nick Dating Tessa Brook?

    Nick was once rumored to be dating a famous dancer Tessa Brook. Nick and Brook, after performing together at the Haiti Benefit Concert, gave air to this rumor.

    However, the Miss California Pageant, and Disney's The Next Big Thing star along with Crompton denied the rumors and outed they were best of friends and nothing more.

    We have seen Nick work whit with several social media stars like Jake Paul, Emilio Martinez, Alissa Violet, and AJ Mitchell. And Crompton has shared that he doesn't just have a sweet enough working relationship with these stars, but he also is close friends with them.

    Social Media

    It now has over 40 million subscribers and seven billion YouTube views. Besides YouTube, Nick is also very active on Instagram and Twitter and has more than two million Instagram supporters and 500k supporters on his official Twitter.