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Natasha Henstridge

pramesh Published On Fri Sep 06 2019   Modified On Fri Sep 06 2019
Natasha Henstridge

Facts of Natasha Henstridge


    of Natasha Henstridge

    Who Is Natasha Henstridge? Know Her Biography

    Natasha Henstridge is a well-known actress & model from Canada who is currently based in Los Angeles Hollywood. 

    She debuted in a suspenseful thriller Species in 1995. Following her movie debut, she did Species II and Species III.

    Why Is Natasha Henstridge Famous?

    The Actress is successful in both movies & television roles. Some of her memorable parts are for The The Whole Nine Yards, The Whole Ten Yards, Ghosts of Mars, She Spies, Eli Stone. Additionally, she won the Gemini Award for Best Actress for Would Be Kings.

    Additionally, she gained a whole lot of media attention after joining #metoo moment along with some other high-profiled actress and accused director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment and forceful engagements.

    Henstridge's Early Life, Education, Parents & Interests

    Species actress Natasha was born on August 15, 1974, in Springdale, Labrador-Newfoundland. She is the eldest of four children of Mr. Brian Henstridge (a building and company Manager) and Mrs. Helen Henstridge (a homemaker).


     She was brought up with a sibling a brother Shane Henstridge. 

    Natasha, wasn't any ordinary child because she was already a successful model in her early teens. Just at the age of 14, Henstridge entered the fashion industry penning a Casablanca Modeling Agency's contract, as the first runner-up of the look of the year competition.

    She then went to Paris, a year after winning the competition as aspiring modeling. Natasha was already a successful model in her teenage. At age 15, she was already a cover girl for Cosmopolitan's French edition.

    Along with that, she was covered in Henhat, and Stridge and also was seen promoting several beauty products such as Olay, Old Spice, and Lady Stetson via television advertisement. 

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    After, a thriving commercial and T.V. ads career, she turned her attention towards acting and landed a role in Species in her late teens.

    Henstridge was showcased as Sil in 1995s smash hit si-fy action-horror movie Species which collected $113 million at the box office.

    Henstridge was able to take home MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss for Species in her very first acting debut.

    However, 1998s Species II was a massive disappointment for audiences and even to Henstridge. 

    Henstridge performed several roles on T.V., for instance in Caracara and The Outer Limits. From 2005 to 2006, she played the role of a Chief of Staff in an ABC Drama Commander in Chief, alongside Geena Davis.

    Natasha also hosted Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends for TLC. She also was a guest-star in the first-season episode of "Tom's Rhinoplasty" in South Park as a substitute teacher, and was credited as a "the chick from Species."

    As per insiders, Henstridge was working on the She Spies TV series before it was dropped. She has also completed on the Hill a Lifetime T.V. film called Widow. 

    One of her most significant roles came in 2006 after she was featured in CTV miniseries Would Be Kings; she received Gemini Award for the miniseries. 

    She also looked at the expansion set for the video game Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, titled Kane's Wrath. Henstridge played a role in the 2008 ABC comedy-drama series Eli Stone.

    Relationships, Marriage, Divorce & #metoo movement

    Henstridge married American actor Damian Chapa were rumored to be dating in early 1994. The former couple tied the knot after a short-lived romance in 1995. 

    Even-though the duo shared good chemistry, they got divorced in 1996 without sighting any reason behind their untimely separation from a year lived marriage. 

    After her first divorce, the Actress in the same year married American actor Liam Waite. They share two boys Tristan River (born in October 1998) and Asher Sky (born in September 2001).

    From Left Tristan River, Liam Waite, Asher Sky & Asher Sky
    In Picture: From Left Tristan River, Liam Waite, Asher Sky & Natasha Henstridge

    However, the duo then separated after living together as a family in 2004. Reportedly, they shared a joined custody and parented their sons along. 

    In Picture: Natasha Henstridge with her two sons and Husband going out for a movie
    In Picture: Natasha Henstridge with her two sons and Her Former Husband caught in a movie Premier

    As of 2019, both their sons are young adults and have grown into fairly handsome men.

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    Natasha Henstridge isn't someone who would shy away from a relationship. That's why, in 2004, she started a relationship with Darius Campbell, a Scottish singer. 

    They got involved but broke it off at the beginning of 2010, then somehow reconciled and even got married on Valentine's Day 2011. 

    Everyone believed this actor-musician duo would last forever but sadly on July 2013 several news outlets claimed that the pair have filed for a divorce. In February 2018, their divorce was finalized.

    Currently, we here no rumors relating to her current affair, hence we expect she isn't dating anyone more recently. However, after a series of failed relationships, she can very well be hiding her love-life from paparazzi.

    #metoo Movement

    Henstridge joined six other actresses at the height of the #MeToo movement in November 2017. 

    Back in 2017, when many actresses were coming out with stories about females being abused in the entertainment industry, and a significant number of Actress were sharing the sexual harassment-related stories.

    Henstridge #meetoo-ed someone, and it surprisingly wasn't Harvey Weinstein. She outed that director Brett Ratner in an incident allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him.

    Salary & Net Worth

    The well-known Canadian Actress & model who so far has appeared in 30 plus big and small budgeted movies along with 30 plus shows she earns a healthy amount of money and currently has also opted out towards production.  

    She was involved in the production of the American Independent Pictures Should've Been Romeo. 

    Her most recent work in Diggstown (Canadian Tv-Series) reportedly paid her around $170 thousands per episode; she was seen for six-episode, meaning she made over a million dollar in salary only in 2019. 

    Well, guess how much success would you be if your very first movie will go on to collect $113 million at the box office right?

    The 45 years old Canadian Actress as of 2019 reportedly has a colossal net worth of $15 million collected via acting, modeling and production business she is involved in. 

    • House & Property

    As per L.A. times, she recently sold her Sherman Oaks-based contemporary house (built-in 1961) with 3,476 square feet living space at $1.65 millions.

    • Humanitarian Credit

    Every work isn't intended to make money; some are for genuine causes. With a very artistic and thoughtful director Dave Rodriguez, appeared in a movie Anytown which focused on a derailed child caught between emotional instability, Fights, hate, and racism following 9-11 attack.

    Body Measurements

    Natasha is a fairly beautiful lady and has a thing for fashion. despite her age, she surely looks like national crush.

    Natasha Henstridge Flaunting Her Bikini Looks
    Natasha Henstridge Enjoying Her Beach Vacation 

    She still has a mouth watering look and a very attractive body. So. let's take a look at her body measurements here:

    Height 176.5 cm (5 ft 9.5 in)
    Weight62 kg (137 lb)
    Bust Size36-D Chest size 94 cm (37 in)
    Waist size64 cm (25 in) 
    Hips size92 cm (36 in)
    Shoe size9 US