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Millie Bobby Brown Faces Heat For Her Recent Red Carpet Appearance

pramesh Published On Tue Nov 19 2019   Modified On Sat Jan 04 2020
Millie Bobby Brown Faces Heat For Her Recent Red Carpet Appearance

People should understand that 15 years is old enough! But, looks like Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown has tangled herself in controversy for the past six days after she appeared in a Netflix event past week! 

Many people have commented on her appearance and people have pointed fingers at her dressing sense. She is a fine young lady and a well-rounded actress who has now gotten into a dress related controversy. 

A few years ago same thing had happened to Crazy Town Actress Julianna Rose Mauriello, this ended her career but Millie Bobby Brown looks stronger than Mauriello!

People tend to forget that a lot goes on when you reach 15; every 15 years old faces physical changes, emotional turmoils, and teenagers at this age also tend to develop a personal identity. Actress Millie Bobby Brown caught the heat and raised many eyebrows after she appeared in a Stranger Things event wearing a neckline-gown. 

She was criticized by many for not looking like she is 15! Brown on her recent event, reportedly gave an adult look at the camera! Additionally, she pointed towards her busts which as per many was a way to show the world that she wants to be treated like an adult. 

She is growing and even getting good at acting every passing day, here is a video of Brown visiting Jimmy Fallon.

After a few days in an interview with Harper Bazaar magazine, she made the following statement:

I would very much like to wear tighter clothes. I feel that I am becoming someone and that I am a woman, so I want to prove it. I think those young girls who are going to look at me and if they think: 'Wow, that is what I should use to get dressed

Additionally, the Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF said that she tries to differ from people's concept of what she should look like but the internet ultimately catches to it!

It's always difficult to get dressed for a red carpet event because a lot of people have opinions and unfortunately you say you won't hear it, but you really have to do it!

As per her, she and her friends spent a whole night surfing online to find a proper dress to wear at the event. She thinks it's her responsibility to dress properly because other girls of her age would look up to her!  

That's pretty justifiable, however, for us it is!  

The Way Magazine, three days ago criticized Millie Bobby Brown compared her with Mexican Politician Maki Ortiz, that's no way to criticize a young teenager. 

She recently penned a contract with a shoe producer and is now promoting a converse via her social media. 

If any thing, it looks like she is picking up a thing or two about modelling.