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Mark Hoppus

pramesh Published On Thu Nov 28 2019   Modified On Thu Nov 28 2019
Mark Hoppus

Facts of Mark Hoppus

Full NameMark Allan Hoppus Allan Hoppus
First NameMark Allan Hoppus
Middle NameAllan
Last NameHoppus
Birth NameHoppus
ProfessionSinger, Song Writer, Musician, Bassist, TV personality
Birth CityRidgecrest, CA
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameTex Hoppus
Father ProfessionU.S. Department of Defense (vet)
Mother NameKerry Wernz
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSkye Everly
No Of Children1 ( Jack Hoppus)
AwardsBlockbuster Entertainment Awards,California Music Awards,MTV Video Music Awards,Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards,San Diego Music Awards,Teen Choice Awards
Sibilings1 (Anne Hoppus)
FilmographyI'm Scared,American Pie
EducationHigh-school Graduate
Height180.34 cm
Networth$70 M
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthMarch 15,1972
Age48 years


    of Mark Hoppus

    What is Mark Hoppus marital status ?Married
    How many children does Mark Hoppus have ?1 ( Jack Hoppus)
    Who is Mark Hoppus married with?Skye Everly
    What is the height of Mark Hoppus?180.34 cm
    What is the weight of Mark Hoppus?kg

    Who Is Mark Hoppus?

    Mark Allan Hoppus, born on March 15, 1972, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and Television personality. 

    He is a vocalist and a bass guitarist in a pop-punk band “Blink-182”. He is also a partner to Alex Gaskarth in a rock duo called Simple Creatures.

    Mark was born in Ridgecrest, California. He later moved to San Diego in 1992 and formed the band “Blink-182” with Tom Delonge and Scott Raynor. Which later went on to become a huge success.

    After Scott's drinking habits grew chronic, the band ditched the Dammit drummer Raynor and replaced him with Travis Barker after touring together in the absence of Raynor. 

    You Will Not Believe Who Is On The List Of 12 Hot Hollywood Divas Travis Barker Dated

    After selling over 55 million records wTorldwide, the band split in 2005 due to internal tension and re-united after four years in 2009. 

    Mark also hosted a television talk show called Hoppus on Music. Where he once interviewed His former band member Tom Delonge who appeared in the show with The Angels and Airwave, Tom's post Blink Musical band.

    Why Is Mark Hoppus Famous?

    Mark Hoppus first off all is famous as Blonk 182's bassint, and vocalist who so far has sold over 35 million records world wide. Blink is known for bringing pop punk music to the mainstream audiences. The Band is known for it's funky songs and rhythmic melody.

    Mark is also a lyricist and record producer who signs many up and coming artists and brings them mainstream.

    Mark Hoppus Musical Career

    Mark Hoppus was born in Ridgecrest, California, On March 15, 1972. He lived with his father; Tex Hoppus who worked for the U.S. Department of Defense, mother Kerry Wernz, and his sister Anne Hoppus until they got divorced when he was eight years old. 

    He and his sister then spent his two years moving back and forth between his mother’s and father’s houses. His father moved to Monterey later. 

    He received his first bass guitar as a gift from his father as a gift, at the age of 15 and fell in love with it. 

    He also had an interest in skateboarding and punk rock in junior high. Hoppus never took bass lessons and instead taught himself by playing to different bands.

    He idolized Robert Smith and used to dress like him to his high school. He completed his high school from Burroughs High school. 

    He initially had formed a band with his two friends covering songs by Descendents, Social Distortion and Bad religion. The group performed at parties and bonfires. 

    Later, Mark moved to San Diego in 1992 and joined a college, which he later quit. He worked in a local music store in San Diego.

    After moving to San Diego, he reunited with his sister. His sister acknowledging Mark’s desire to be in a band introduced him to Tom Delonge. The two started to perform in Delonge’s garage.

    Delonge then recruited Scott Raynor as the drummer for their newly formed band named Blink.

    Hoppus and his girlfriend lived in a basement apartment, which they barely managed to pay rent. He decided to buy a new amp and a bass cabinet, which led to his girlfriend arguing and demanded he chooses between the band and her, which then resulted in him leaving the group. 

    Shortly after, Delonge told hoppus they were to make a demo tape. He decided to break up with his girlfriend and join the band. They recorded “Flyswatter,” which ultimately gave them a chance for their first show.

    Blink’s first album “Cheshire Cat,” released in 1995, was a good sell for a new and independent band. The band then signed for their first-ever national tour for which they bought their van. 

    The following year MCA Records signed the band and was to co-distribute their next release. Hoppus then wrote “Dammit,” which became a nationwide hit.

    Hoppus gradually felt less significant to the band, which led to internal tension between the members and ultimately led to Raynor getting off the group in 1998.

    Travis baker was then brought in as the new drummer for the group. With producer Jerry Finn they recorded “Enema of the State,” which was the start of their career. 

    They were known to be the biggest pop-punk band of the era. Three singles were released – “What’s my age again?” “All small things,” and “Adam’s Song.” 

    Right before Hoppus getting married in 2000, the band was preparing to record their highly anticipated song called “Take off your pants and jackets.”

    Hoppus felt satisfied with his work, but Delonge had other plans. He created a post-hardcore side project, “Box Car Racer,” to try ideas that seemed unsuited for the bad to him.

    Hoppus felt Betrayal and then later led to being a cause for the band to split when the group was to regroup to record their next release. In February 2005, the band split up, which greatly affected Hoppus. 

    Jerry Finn, their producer, passed away in August 2008 deeply affected Hoppus. Later next month, Barker got into a plane crash, which he survived, fortunately. In February 2009, putting aside past differences, the band reunited to produce a new album.

    Hoppus’s new show “Hoppus on Music” required him to fly to New York every week. Which further complicated their recordings which were already “on eggshells.”

    Then, his moving to London with his family further complicated the matters. Their comeback album “Neighbourhoods” released 2011 was undersold, and Blink-128 parted ways with “Interscope Records.”

    The band toured Australia in February 2013 and then the US in September. In 2015 Tom Delonge parted from the band which was filled in by Matt Skiba.

    Hoppus had also released a clothing line named “HiMyNameIsMark” in 2013. In 2019 January, Hoppus announced a new band being formed with Alex Gaskarth called Simple Creatures.

    Mark Hoppus Personal Life

    Mark Hoppus met his wife to be Skye Everly on the set of his famous music video All The Small Things. The couple dated in 1999 and after a year in December 2, 2000 the pair got married.

    Blink 182 bass guitarist and vocalist turned his one day rehearsal for “All the Small Things” into years long marriage and two years after their marriage, Skye gave birth to a son Jack Hoppus. 

    Currently, the musician lives in Beverly Hills, California with his family. 

    How Is Mark Hoppus Relationship With Tom Delonge?

    In 2013 (Tom, Mark and Travis) reportedly stopped talking to each other, they were having problems from a very long time but 2013 by many was the downfall of the legendary Blink 182. 

    There were instances where Tom Delongs will wear AVA's cap on the stage performances, they really were struggling to put things together and Mark and Travis put out an official statement to kick Delonge out of Blink 182 and hire Alcaline Treo's Matt Skiba to fill Tom's place up. 

    Prior to that, frequent back and forth allegations from band members sure proved that Mark and Tom are not in good terms. But, recently Tom has followed both of his band members in social media.

    When a fan dated Mark to post something on Tom's Instagram, mark wrote:

    I still love you

    To which Tom replied:

    Oh that sexual tension

    Which proves that the former members of Blink 182 are still in good terms but Tom is busy with Aliens and To The Stars Projects along with his AVA project and as per Tom, if things go as planned, the former band is set to unite again and produce good music for their fans.

    How Much Is Mark Hoppus Net Worth?

    Mark Hoppus current net-worth is around $70 million accumulated from his successful musical career with Blink 182.

    His band Blink 182 has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Additionally, their album Enema of the State, is one of their highest selling album, which went 5x platinum.

    He still does shows, releases songs and albums, and has many side projects like Simple Creatures, +44 etc collectively earns him over a million dollars per year.