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Malik Obama

pramesh Published On Mon Sep 23 2019   Modified On Mon Sep 23 2019
Malik Obama

Facts of Mhoje Malik Obama

Full NameMhoje Malik Obama
First NameMhoje
Middle NameMalik
Last NameObama
Birth NameMhoje Malik Obama
Other NameAbongo Obama,Roy Obama,Malik Obama
ProfessionAccountant/ Politician
Birth CityNairobi
Birth CountryKenya
Father NameBarack Obama Sr.
Mother NameKezia
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children1 Daughter
Educationthe University of Nairobi Graduate
Twitter Profile
Date of BirthMarch,1968
Age52 years


    of Mhoje Malik Obama

    What is Mhoje Malik Obama marital status ?Married
    How many children does Mhoje Malik Obama have ?1 Daughter

    Who Is Malik Obama? Know His Biography

    Malik Obama sometimes referred as Abongo or Roy is better known to the American community as the half-brother of Barack Obama.

    He usually gains limelight for his feud with the former American president Barack Obama; not only that but he is also known for accusing Barack to be born in Kenya, which is one gimmick Obama enjoys pulling on his former US president brother.

    Why Is He Famous In 2019?

    Malik Obama's bitterness against Barack seems to have increased hugely in 2019. He sometimes pulls gimmicks on his birth and sometimes calls Obama broke.

    He is a neutralized American citizen and was once famous for gaining  only 1% of total vote at Kenyan elections and is now supporting right wing, specially Donald Trump which brings him into lime light once again. 

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    As per many media outlets, Trump has summoned Malik to speak on his presidential camping in 2020, so we probably will see more of Malik rocking MEGA hat on behalf of Trump's second term in 2020 run for White house.  

    Malik Obama's Early Life And Relationship With Barack Obama

    Malik was born on March 1958, as the son of Barack Obama Sr. from his first wife, Kezia. 

    Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Malik received a degree in accounting from the University of Nairobi. 

    Barack & Malik met for the first time in 1985 when Barack flew from Chicago to Washington, D.C. where many of Obama family lived. 

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    They weren't all anti-semantic to each other those days, Malik and Barack were the best men in each other's weddings which shows that they were pretty close to each other.

    Malik Obama Showing A picture With His Half Brother Barack Obama
    In Picture: Malik Obama Showing An Old Picture With His Half Brother Barack Obama

    Three years later, the American Obama brought his spouse, Michelle, to Kenya, and the two Obama brothers Malik & Barack met again while meeting many other families for the first time.

    Malik lives in Obamas' home village Nyang'oma Kogelo, a small village of several hundred people. He also operates a tiny electronics store at a half-hour drive from the town. 

    Obama family is spread throughout Kenya and abroad, Malik Obama and even his brother Barack Obama consider Lake Victoria's shores based village as their real home.

    As per Malik, people who have left the village are culturally "lost", and they have forgotten the traits of their origin.

    Malik however, feels like he isn't disconnected with the roots despite being a naturalized American man. He frequently visits the United States, and works as a consultant in Washington, D.C., for several months each year as a dual citizen of Kenya and the United States. 

    Malik As A Spokesperson For Extended Obama Family

    Malik Obama was a spokesperson for the extended Obama family in Kenya in 2008. While in 2008, his brother ran for American elections, he addressed security and privacy issues that his family naturally gained from enhanced media attention.

    Malik's 2013 Kenyan Election & Slogan

    Malik in 2013 ran for Kenya Governor of Siaya County. His campaign slogan back in 2013 was "here Obama, there Obama" which literally meant his half-brother was serving his second term as President of the United States and he would be a better option as Kenyan Governor. 

    Despite Obama family's popularity in Kenya Malik earned a meager 2,792 votes, which was approximately 140,000 votes behind the winner which means he secured only 1% votes in aggregate.

    Showing Support To Donald Trump In 2016 Elections

    Malik who was once his half brother's supporter coming into 2016 was seen filled bitterness and he then shockingly said that he endorsed Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate, before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

    He participated as one of Trump's visitors in the third presidential debate, wearing a MAGA hat and socializing with Charles C. Johnson.

    Wow! How Did Malik Turn Into A Trump Supporter?

    Reportedly, in 2013 Malik's relationship with Barack went cold. There can be many internal family reasons but many have guessed jealousy or feeling of betrayal to be two of the major factors behind it. 

    Malik And Barack Obama On Barack's Wedding
    Malik As The Best Man & His Half Brother Barack Obama On Barack's Wedding Day

    May be he felt Obama didn't pay much attention towards him, which might have led him to publicly speak to New York Post saying:

     “My brother didn’t help me at all” 

                            -Malik Obama

    Malik also had started a foundation on Barack Obama Sr.'s name but at per him Barack hasn't paid any attention towards the foundation he started with their shared father's name, and allegedly accused Barack of requesting to shut down the foundation, saying:

    “He wanted me to shut it down when I set it up. He hasn’t supported me at all.” 

    He had accused Obama presidency as an incapable and he further claimed that Obama was born in Nairobi, Capital of Kenya.

    Fake Document Claiming Obama Was Born In Nairobi
    Malik Produced Fake Document Claiming Obama Was Born In Nairobi

    Obama's brother turned alt-right troll Malik was also the igniter of five years long investigation on Obama's birth place which later was affirmed as Hawaii by Hawaiian local bodies.

    What's Malik Obama's Net Worth?

    In the United States, Malik works as an accountant for organizations in and around Washington area, for organizations like the Red Cross, Lockheed Martin, and Fannie Mae.

    He reportedly makes around $9 to $10 thousand per month from his works, which is a reasonable amount for any common American. On the other hand his two times American president Mr. Barack Obama's current net worth is reportedly around $40 million as of 2019.

    Who Is He Voting For In 2020 Presidential Election?

    He's registered in Maryland and he has stated that he will cast his vote for Donald Trump.

    Malik Obama Will Vote FoR Donald Trump
    In 2020 Elections Malik Obama Supports Donald Trump

    Reportedly, Trump camping has contacted Malik and he possibly will make several flights to different parts of America along with Trump Camp in support of Donald Trump.