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Maggie Haberman

pramesh Published On Sat Apr 25 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 26 2020
Maggie Haberman

Facts of Maggie Haberman


    of Maggie Haberman

    Who Is Maggie Haberman?

    Maggie Lindsy Haberman is an American Journalist known as the White House correspondent for The New York Times. 

    Maggie Haberman is also a political analyst for CNN and has worked as a political reporter for the New York post, New York Daily News, and Politico as well.

    Why Is Maggie Haberman Famous?

    Maggie Haberman was born on October 30, 1975 in New York. She is a famous Journalist active in the field since 1996. Haberman began her career working in the New York Post. 

    Later, Maggie Haberman got famous for reporting on the Trump administration as a White House correspondent. She earned the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, and is also recognized as Aldo Beckman Memorial Award winner chosen by the White House Correspondents Association.

    Maggie Haberman Bio, Early Life, & Career

    Maggie Haberman was born on October 30, 1973 in New York city as the daughter of Clyde Haberman and Nancy Haberman. Like Maggie, her parents were also a longtime Journalists. 

    Haberman was quiet a performer from her early age and in 3rd grade, she played title roles in a musical Annie at the P.S 75 Emily Dickinson School.

    In 1991 she graduated from Ethical Culture Fieldston School ad in 1995, she obtained a bachelor's degree from Sarah Lawrence college, a private liberal arts college in Yonkers, New York. 

    After The New York Post assigned Maggie Haberman to cover city hall, she got "hooked" on political reporting in 1999.

    In early 2000's she work with New York Daily for three and half years, but she returned to NY post to cover the 2008 U.S presidential campaign. Later, she was hired by politico as senior reporter in 2010 and became a political analyst for CNN back 2014. 

    How Much Does Maggie Haberman Earn?

    46 years old, Maggie Haberman's current net worth is $3 million, earned from her successful journalism career, working as a political analyst and reporter for various print-online and cable media. 

    She is a famous and well accomplished Journalist active since 1996. She has wrote a book named Held captive: The kidnapping Rescue of Elizabeth Smart, which also became one of the New York time's best sellers.

    The Aldo Beckman Memorial Award &  Pulitzer Prize winner currently enjoys a successful reporting career and enjoys over $250 thousand overall, earned as a successful political correspondent and analyst. 

    Likewise, she also earns a portion of her earning from print media in Royalty from her books and also as a writer for NY Times daily. Basically, she loves her Job and has enjoyed almost a decade span of a career in the Journalism industry. 

    Maggie Haberman Relationship Status

    Maggie Haberman married to a fellow journalist Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, who is currently a reporter for the New York Daily News. The pair reportedly knew each other for a long time and shared a common work station at the New York Post.

    Maggie haberman with Dareh Ardashes 

    Currently, they are living happily with three children in Brooklyn. 

    Maggie Haberman Appearance and Stature

    NameMaggie Haberman
    Age46 Years Old
    Birth-PlaceNew York , United States
    Birth-DateOctober 30, 1973
    Zodiac SignScorpio
    Nationality American 
    Hair ColorBlonde
    Eye ColorHazel 

    FAQ's on Maggie Haberman

    1. When was Maggie Haberman Born?

    Maggie Haberman was born on October 30, 1973 in New York city as the daughter of Clyde Haberman and Nancy Haberman.

    2. Is Maggie Haberman Single? 

    No, Maggie Haberman is married to Dareh Ardashes Gregorian, a reporter for the New York Daily News. They also share three children from their married life. 

    3. How much does Maggie Haberman earn?

    Maggie Haberman has a net worth of $3 million earned as a successful political journalist and has authored a book Held captive:The kidnapping Rescue of Elizabeth Smart.