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Leslie Jones

pramesh Published On Mon Oct 14 2019   Modified On Mon Oct 14 2019
Leslie Jones

Facts of Leslie Jones

Full NameLeslie Jones
First NameLeslie
Last NameJones
Birth NameLeslie Jones Annette
ProfessionStand up Comedian, Actress
Birth CityMemphis, Tennessee
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseNot Disclosed
Awards2 Emmy Nominations
Sibilings2 (Rhonda Jones and Rodney Jones )
FilmographyRepos,Top Five,Trainwreck,Ghostbusters reboot,Coming to 2 America
EducationColorado State University Graduate
Height183 cm
Weight75 kg
Networth$5 M
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthSeptember 7,1967
Age53 years


    of Leslie Jones

    Who is Leslie Jones married with?Not Disclosed
    What is the height of Leslie Jones?183 cm
    What is the weight of Leslie Jones?75 kg

    Who Is Leslie Jones?

    Leslie Jones is a writer as well as a cast member of a late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live (S.N.L.). 

    However, some of us may know her as Patty Tolan from Ghostbusters' all-female remake released in 2016. She more recently has announced her release from S.N.L.

    Why Is Leslie Jones Famous?

    She is a famous comedian working for America's most liked show S.N.L., but lately, the stand-up comic was made upon racial remarks online. 

    She also was a prankster in Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and the Aspen Comedy Festival.

    Just like Ali Wong, she got hugely famous in 2010, with a Showtime's one-hour comedy special, Problem Child. 

    Jones is twice Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her involvement with Saturday Night Live.

    She successfully re-appeared in S.N.L.'s 45th season, despite facing massive racial discrimination and social-web attacks on her.

    Accounts on Twitter moment #LoveForLeslieJ Following Racial Comments 

    Ghostbusters marked Jones's acting success, but it brought along a lot of racist attacks on Leslie. She became a victim of numerous racial remarks and social media attacks. This attacks as per many critics were kind of inniciated after she did the Black-Trump impressions on SNL.

    From Left: Leslie Jones As African-American Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin As "Fake News Trump"

    The responses were harsh, and even twitter took action against several users. Twitter suspended then Breitbart editor and British far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who is one of his articles on the movie, described her as "barely literate."

    Jones left Twitter on July 18, 2016, feeling harassed, but in Late Night show with Seth Meyers, she outed that she met Twitter's C.E.O. Jack Dorsey and finally gathered herself and finally replied Yiannopoulos's and said she never targeted him as a gay conservative, in her own way saying:

    "Free speech and hate speech are two different things."

    Jones again was subjected to numerous online attacks after her personal website was hacked, and the contents were replaced with her driver's license and passport along with her improper photo-shopped pictures. 

    As depressing, it may seem, but her website allegedly had an entire article dedicated to Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla, which was killed in May 2016. 

    At first, people from the different communities were shocked, but later the entire media world joined hands and sympathized with her. 

    Angry celebrity and fan in defense of the incident created a hashtag "#LoveForLeslieJ" on Twitter and Instagram. That made celebs like Sara Benincasa, Ellen DeGeneres, Paul Feig, Gabourey Sidibe, Ava DuVernay, politician Hillary Clinton, Singers such as Corey Taylor, Katy Perry, Octavia Spencer, Anna Kendrick, Lena Dunham, and Loni Love expressed solidarity with Jones. 

    Jones, however, only reacted on October 22, 2016s S.N.L. responded to the Hack in a sporting spirit.

    Leslie Jones Bio-Early Life & Inspiration

    Leslie Jones Annette was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on September 7, 1967. As her father was in the U.S. Army, her family moved places very often. She reportedly grew up with two siblings a sister Rhonda Jones and a brother Rodney Jones.

    Finally, when her family moved to Los Angeles, her dad took up a job as an electronics engineer at Stevie Wonder's radio station, KJLH. 

    Growing up, Jones reportedly was insecure about her looks. She, in several interviews, has said:

    "People used to call me names, so my mom had this beautiful African lady come talk to me, and I was like, 'Oh my God, if I'm going to look like you, then I don't care what anyone says about me."

    In L.A, Jones attended high school in Lynwood, California, and was a high school basketball player. 

    She was a six feet tall high school student, so her father encouraged her to take part in sports. But, she on her website tells that she took basketball to please her father:

    "I played basketball to please my dad. I also got free shoes and could miss class. When they told me I could get a scholarship to the college, I said, 'Cool. Where am I going?"

    Sadly, the conversation is now gone, as her team put down the site after it was hacked.

    While playing basketball at high school, Jones earned a basketball scholarship from Chapman University in Orange, California. 

    She then transferred to Colorado State University, where she found a knack to succeed. A friend secretly took part in a comedy contest she won, earning her the title, "Funniest Person on Campus." 

    "I've always been crazy," I never knew that I was amusing. I always thought I was nuts.

    Jones wrote on her now deleted website.

    Jones received a basketball scholarship at Chapman University and transferred to Colorado State University when her coach Brian Berger left Chapman for Colorado State. 

    She wanted to become an advocate, but changed her mind and changed her significant several times, there were years where she would take business accounting, computer science as majors but finally settled majoring in communications. 

    Jones became a radio D.J. at Chapman. She was uncertain of what she wanted to do, so she considered the prospect of a career playing basketball overseas. She's had a brother Rodney Keith Jones born in 1971-2009.

    She takes Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and John Ritter as her idols and is heavily inspired by these great comics.

    Stand Up Comedy Fall-Backs & Rise

    At college, Jones worked as a cook, a waitress, a cabinet maker, a judge, a receiver, and a perfume dealer, but comedy kept calling her. 

    She moved back to L.A. and performed at The Comedy Store, West Hollywood's iconic comedy club, but her act was bombed. 

    Jones did not allow her to be stopped by the deflating experience, and she proceeded to open for Jamie Foxx. She bombed again and even booed her this time by the audience.

    She Summing up her experience with Jaime Foxx in People's Magazine interview said:

    "He told me, 'You're like 18. You don't have anything to talk about. Go get a job, go get fired, go get your heart broken and go break some hearts." 

    Comedian-Actor Jaime Foxx's life-changing Advice to Leslie Jones

    To support her stand-up career, Leslie took a day job as U.P.S. and worked as a stand-up comic at clubs around Los Angeles. 

    “When I started out, I just wanted to go into a club and hold my own; There were only a few women out. I wanted to be that one woman who would come out and everyone would love.”

    Leslie Jones TV, Movies, S.N.L. Career, Departure From S.N.L & Acting

    Jones auditioned for S.N.L. in 2013 after she noticed the crew was searching an African-American member, and she wasn't sure if she was going to be hired because she had once criticized Saturday night live, and had openly stated Kenan Thompson, was "not funny." 

    She, alongside Sasheer Zamata, Jones, LaKendra Tookes, was hired by S.N.L. 

    Jones debuted in S.N.L. in its Weekend Update segment of May 3, 2014, which featured actor Andrew Garfield. In her very first appearance, her jokes about dating problems and monologue on breeding slaves were criticized.

    Jones then appeared in the 40th season of S.N.L. hosted by Chris Pratt & Bill Hader. 

    On October 20, 2014, Jones finally got in as the main cast and debuted on the October 25, 2014s episode alongside the show's host Jim Carrey. 

    As of 2019, she holds the record of being the oldest recruit to S.N.L., joining its crew at the age of 47, surpassing Michael McKean and George Coe. 

    Jones's legacy isn't just confined with age; it was the first time ever in the history of the show that S.N.L.'s cast has included more than one African-American woman in its crew after Leslie Jones was added to the crew.

    Jones then returned for Seasons 41, 42 in a Repertory Status, in 43, and 44th season. In 2017 and 2018, Jones for her work in S.N.L. got nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. 

    Leslie Jones in Repertory Role On SNL
    The SNL Repert: Leslie Jones

    On August 27, 2019, Leslie announced via her official Twitter that she would no longer appear in S.N.L.

    TMZ Reporting Leslie Jones Leaving SNL

    Later, S.N.L.'s spokesperson also affirmed that Jones would not return its 45th season, as the 44th season will be her last one.

    Jones also has a fair share of movies in her name. She has worked in some of the hilarious comedy movies such Repos, Top Five, Trainwreck, and her recent film was all women's Ghostbusters reboot, added to that she reportedly will be seen in as Coming to 2 America which will be a reboot of Eddie Murphy's original movie.

    Fun-Olympics Commentary By Leslie Jones

    Hopefully, America hasn't forgotten all about Leslie Jones' funny 2016 Olympic live-tweets and comedy reactions. 

    After television Mike Shoemaker re-twitted one of Jones's video tagging N.B.C.'s executive producer Jim Bell requesting to add Jones to N.B.C.'s Rio Olympics coverage team.

    Following that, she flew to Rio to join the N.B.C. team and continued her role in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

    What's Leslie Jones Net Worth In 2019?

    As a comedian who has sold an Arena, an actress for a few successful movies and Former SNL Crew, Leslie Jones earns enough to gain a celebrity status but as per many her earnings aren'r as per marks. She reportedly made over $70 thousand per SNL appearance.

    Additionally, she receives royalties from her numerous shows and also is a part of many comedy skids which boosts her earnings. On the top of that, she receives over $200 thousand per movie appearance. 

    Hence her current net worth is over $5 million as of 2019. Her shares in 2019 is all time high but we haven't heard if she is going to kake on other shows after her departure with SNL in 2019.  

    Is Leslie Jones Married?

    Leslie Jones is not married but how dare you assume she is single! She in 2017, on Conan O'Brien show admitted that she is seeing someone but isn't willing to give his name up, after Conan showed a series of fun tweets she wrote on Twitter.

    So, as per her she is dating someone secretly, and we shall know the identity of her partner as per Jones' will. However, we really hope she would reveal her partner to us, because it's already a subject to mass curiosity.