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sdz Published On Mon Oct 07 2019   Modified On Fri Oct 25 2019

Facts of Leafyishere

Full NameCalvin Lee Vail
First NameCalvin
Middle NameLee
Last NameVail
Birth NameCalvin Lee Vail
Other NameLeafy
Birth CityLayton, Utah
Birth CountryThe U.S.A
Father NameMarvin Vail
Mother NameRegina Lee
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Sibilings2 younger Brothers
Networth$3 M
Twitter Profile
Date of BirthAugust 18,1995
Age25 years


    of Leafyishere

    What is Leafyishere marital status ?Single

    Who Is Calvin Lee Vail AKA LeafyIsHere?

    Calvin Lee Vail, better known as LeafyIsHere, is a Youtuber who isn't active on the video platform anymore. He is a famous American comedian and YouTube who the only leaf was a real deal back in all the web community. 

    Currently, Leafy is in a hiatus with the video platform, but he used to run a reaction channel and was a huge fan favorite while he was on YouTube.

    Why Is Leafy Famous?

    LeafyIsHere/Leafy was famous for his reaction channel, where he used to pull fun over other video platform users. He used to do game covers for videos and pull jokes at other YouTubers.

    LeafyIsHere On His Best "We All Wish Leafy Was Here"

    Lately, after he got caught into controversies regarding scandal related to the use of view uplifting bots, alongside people claiming him to be a cyberbully, and tagged his videos as offensive, Calvin Lee Vail/LeafyIsHere has put down his YouTube channel and is no more active in any video uploading platform.

    Calvin Lee Vail/Leafy Bio

    Layton, Utah born Seattle, Washington resident Calvin Lee Vail famous as Leafy, was born on 18 August 1995. His father is Marvin Vail and Leafy's mother is Regina Lee.

    How Old Is LeafyIsHere?

    LeafyIsHere is currently 24 years old. He became incredibly popular on YouTube with his content material primarily based on gaming and negative commentary.

    When Did LeafyIsHere Delete His YouTube?

    Cavin Lee Vail/Leafy deleted his channel on December 12, 2017, following YouTube policy modification.

    Career Highlights

    Cavin was not only known for mocking other streamers but used to own them. He basically focused on other YouTubers with the help of gameplay footage in the background of his clips, which included 'surf' game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Overwatch, and Doom.

    Early Career: Blocked By Minecraft

    Calvin started publishing Minecraft gameplays on his channel at the age of 16 and was a ParaPVP Minecraft player, but once during a live stream, he got angry and called a child a 'butt muncher'. For calling another player that he was denied the server access, so Calvin moved to CS: GO gameplay.

    LeafyIsHere & MrBlackDarkness666 Feud

    In January 2016, Calvin uploaded a video titled 'the saddest man on the youtube,' which was about a YouTuber, MrBlackDarkness666. The video got viral, and as per MrBlack, Calvin harassed him and made his life a living hell.

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    In its reply, MrBlackDarkness666 released a video titled "LEAFYISHERE GO F*** YOURSELF where he talked about Leafy's video caused got him bumped as his girlfriend thought Calvin's video had a point.

    At the end of the video, he revealed Calvin's picture and burned it on flames with a cigarette and tore the picture apart to scare Calvin off.

    Calvin then responded with another video and said his content on Mr. BlackDarkness666 was not meant for bullying and apologized for his actions, but at the saim, time, he said he was not responsible for his break up! They also appeared on DramaAlert and apologized to each other in person.

    TommyNC2010/h3h3Productions Dispute

    Leafy's The Most Heroic Fedora Man On Youtube, which was uploaded on March 19, 2016, about an autistic YouTuber, TommyNC2010 received a massive backlash from viewers and after TommyNC2010 uploaded a video titled "I am receiving death threats LeafyIsHere, why? many fans despised Leafy's dark humor."

    In the video, TommyNC2010, recorded himself crying and explaining how he received a lot of hate and death threats from Calvin's fans, which caused h3h3Productions to release a video with an extreme warning.

    After that, Calvin took his video down and posted an apology video, which was titled 'Apology.'

    Though Leafy had apologized for his action Ethan Klein h3h3Productions didn't put its rant video on Calvin; he reportedly blamed another YouTuber linked with h3h3Production Pyrocynical for all this. 

    But after a million or so views, Pyrocynical took the video down and published another video, "Let's Call It Quits #unite Youtube." Later, Ethan from h3h3 apologized for criticizing Calvin and set the records straight.

    Keemstar Feud

    Keemstar's Drama Alert, which once was Calvin's best platform to solve his controversy, became Leafy's one of the worst enemies.

    On June 13, 2016, Calvin uploaded a video, "THE KEEMSTAR AND DRAMAALERT RANT," where he said that Keemaster was into some illegal stuff involving threatening to reveal people's information which also included alleged pedophile claims by Leafy. Still, the video with any such claims never came out.

    On July 4th, 2016, Calvin's YouTube channel was hacked by Twitter user PoodleCorp, and all his videos were titled "hacked by"

    After that incident, people started accusing Leafy as of sub bottling for his Colossal Is Crazy's video. Then another YouTuber Ecy reportedly said he has evidence that Calvin was listed on the sub-botting website, which Keemstar later confirmed.

    Similarly, a hacker group OurMine hacked into Leafy's old Gmail and found out he used some botting machine back in 2013.

    Feud With Animator HeyWatchYourMouth

    Calvin's ex-animator HeyWatchYourMouth then openly stated that Calvin never paid him his worth, lied about him and even accused Leafy of lying and trying to ruin his life, Calvin came to a podcast and discussed his issues.

    iDubbbzTV's Content Cop Destroyed LeafyIsHere

    iDubbbzTV ran a "Content Cop" video on 13 September 2016 on Leafy and dissected his videos as low quality with repetitive witches.

    iDubbbz pointed Leafy's insensitive cyber-bullying, low-quality audio, and his repetitive content, Calvin started losing a massive chunk of subscribers and ultimately closed his YouTube account.

    How Much Is LeafyIsHere's Net Worth?

    Despite leaving YouTube, Leafy is reportedly making good money online as a share investor. Reportedly, he has a net worth of $3 million earned as a Youtuber.

    LeafyIsHere'S Current net worth is $3 million
    LeafyIsHere Still Is worth is $3 million

    On the top of that, Leafy earned over $2000 everyday prior to deleting his video channel from YouTube. Many youtubers still follow his mocumentary-game-play style and he still has a huge fan base just in case he returns to YouTube.

    Is LeafyIsHere Dead? What's Leafy Doing Now?

    Calvin Aka LeafyIsHere isn't dead. Hid Death Hoax started after someone created a click-bait video on YouTube, titled Is LeafyIsHere Dead? 

    Well, friends! This IS how the internet works, so don't be depressed our funny commentator is alive but has gone through a career change. 

    Leafy is now reportedly involved in the share market and online investment. The 24 years old former YouTube star isn't much active on social platforms but is reportedly into the investment market.

    Though coming up with fresher contents could still help him, but he should do whatever makes him happy. We hope he catches the kind of pike he found on YouTube.