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James Allsup

pramesh Published On Fri Sep 06 2019   Modified On Fri Sep 06 2019
James Allsup

Facts of James Allsup

Full NameJames Allsup
First NameJames
Last NameAllsup
Birth CityBeaverton, Oregon
Birth CountryThe U.S.A
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
EducationWSU College Graduate
Date of BirthSeptember 7,1995
Age25 years


    of James Allsup

    What is James Allsup marital status ?Single

    Who Is James Allsup? Know His Biography?

    James Orien Allsup is a far-right America political commentator, podcaster, and former YouTuber. 

    Allsup is generally depicted as a white supremacist, but the former podcaster suggests word American nationalist instead of white supremacist.

    He also was a leading member of a white nationalist movement called "the American Identity Movement" which is often believed to be a neo-Nazi organization. 

    Allsup was named the president of the Washington State University College Republicans chapter in 2015. In August 2017, Allsup attended the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, mainly to capture the actions on his youtube channel. 

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    He voluntarily retired in 2017 as president of the Republican College at WSU quitting the re-election in November of that year.

    He wasn't able to take up a place under the regulations of the university as he was required to clear out that year. He was appointed a minor member of the Whitman County Republican Party district committee in June 2018. 

    However, on 7 January 2019, the Whitman County's Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to oust Allsup from the party. 

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    Although he will formally retain the title of officer of the Precinct Committee, all of his powers in that role, including his right to vote, have been removed.

    Though, unclear about his political views Allsup however defines himself as a 'paleo-conservative' and a 'liberal right-wing.'

    Why Is He Famous Suddenly After Long Hiatus From The Media?

    Who said you need proper socially accepted reasons to be famous. May be any publicity is a good publicity for . 

    Remember, Howard Stern's out of the age Radio shows in 80s and 90 brought all kinds of audiences to his channel? It's more or less the same case with Allsup, but Stern on the other hand was race sensitive and super fun individual. 

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    But, this far-right America political commentator, however, seems totally invested into agendas like building a wall across American-Mexican border, Evicting foreigners and doesn't bother making culturally sensitive comments every now and then. 

    James Allsup Speaking For Trump's Presidency at his College Event
    James Allsup Speaking For Trump's Presidency at his College Event

    So, people expect that the approaching election surely brings more from far-right America political commentator Allsup, that's why he is famous lately.

    "A Reminder From Team Fame-Marker" 

    This Article in no shape or form is trying to make any racial comments, hurt any ones sentiments or make criticism on anyone's individual beliefs, we deliver to search based audience, and try our best to only highlight the truth, & people suggesting changes are required to read the privacy policy and contact us pages-accordingly. 

    James Allsup's Early Life

    Allsup was born in Beaverton, Oregon on 7 September 1995. He graduated his high-school in 2014, and then enrolled at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, D.C., and finished in 2017. 

    Donald Trump's Supporter and White Supremacist James Allsup
    Former WSU College Republicans Group President James Allsup

    He was the president of WSU College Republicans Group but attending WSU's organized activities and promotion of rather radical ideas on racism led Republican university applicants such as Bill Bryant and Chris Vance revoke his place.

    All James Allsup Controversies, Criticism & Its Results

    Allsup was appointed the head of the 2015 chapter of the WSU College Republicans and chaired the post until his resignation on August 14, 2017. 

    According to a student who claims to have attended the college meetings, while Allsup was the President, he dramatically altered the group's nature. 

    Allsup gathered much heat after he was arranged to talk to talk at WSU in January 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos. Despite the event was canceled owing to the weather, WSU Young Democrats President Gavin Pielow persisted in hosting a scheme called "Civics 101" scheduled as an "alternative solution" to the planned visit of Yianopolous.

    After Paul's campaign was suspended, Allsup was then recruited by Ryan Fournier to serve as one of the Students for Trump organisation's senior adviser. 

    Note: Students for Trump is a non-profit political organisation based in Campbell, North Carolina that supports the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. 

    Allsup helped organize and build a prototype "Trump Wall" at Washington University on May 9, 2016. The prototype wall was 10 by 8 ft (3.0 by 2.4 m) with the words "Blue Lives Matter" and "Make America Great Again" painted on the front. His Prototype however was made of plywood. 

    The Trump Wall Event which was co-hosted by Republicans from UW Students for Trump and UW College, met with "about 100" activists.

    WSU College Republicans Leader James Allsup
    WSU College Republicans Leader James Allsup

    Even though, the creation of the wall, was seen with much enthusiasm by republican students at the Washington University, it was never built past-four years by then-president-elect and American 2016-2020 President Trump, despite winning with 304 electoral votes.

    In January 2017, he visited the opening ceremony outside of the National Press Club in downtown Washington, D.C. where he indicated his sole purpose was 

    "We need to have a strong immigration policy and enforce the law, the reason people demonstrate is for exposure, media or otherwise."

    Allsup took part in the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017. At the rally, he publicized the situations and gave a speech in defense of the protesters as well.

    Additionally, Allsup was open about his involvement in the rally, as well as for his speech scheme, which was however, interrupted by the demonstrators supporting minority groups. 

    On Monday, following the rally, he resigned from his position as head of the college group of Republicans at WSU. As per Allsup, it was a pre-destined move but subsequently seeded up following series of events. 

    In an interview with KREM, he said: He attended the rally in a media capacity and was suddenly requested to talk by one of his organizers.

    He also said, he differed with the violence and the vitriolic symbols, including nazi symbols, which some of the respondents were showing. 

    After participating in the rally in Charlottesville, anonymous sources revealed that he downloaded a video documenting his experiences almost immediately. 

    Images of Allsup attending the rally published on social media resulted in WSU expelling Allsup, along with a petition, from social media platforms. 

    Allsup after his suspension from the University took on the Twitter and said:

    It would result in a huge civil rights lawsuit win for me, If The college administrators evict me.

    In June 2018, Allsup was appointed Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for Precinct #129, a minor "hyper-local" role in the Washington State Republican Party as PCOs are allowed to elect republican leadership in their respective counties.

    Allsup was unopposed, for the post so as the rules of the party states that an unopposed candidate automatically wins Allsup started working as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). 

    Even his ellection couldn't stay away from the heat. Many Republican politicians in Whitman County criticized his election. A hatred groups monitoring body named Souther Poverty Law Center claimed  the aim of Allsup was to reach its white nationalist anti-immigration agenda:

    "through the infiltration of the Republican Party rather than by the radical, revolutionary action favored by vanguardist groups on the extreme fringe." 

    He openly said:

    You've got a place at the table, and this is the most significant thing, getting that seat at the table, and you can get that seat at the table by? Yeah, turning up! Yeah, bringing individuals in!

    Not only that, Keegan Hankes, a senior study analyst at the SPLC, however wasn't so negative about Allsup sharing the table, and the analyst said:

    Whenever someone who holds extreme political positions has any foothold in mainstream politics, it's a issue, pointing out that using one's position is also an issue.

    With much bitterness and he midst of White Supremacist allegations, The Whitman County Republican Party Central Committee unanimously voted on January 7, 2019 resulting in Allsup's eviction from the ranks.

    Since his election to PCO was held openly and the party in a private ceremony, he wasn't stripped of his title but all his powers and regular duties, including his right to vote in the party, were revoked. 

    Several party representatives, including county commissioners Art Swant Tock and Michael Largent, said:

    Allsup was hardly a Republican! He refused that he was a Republican himself.

    Following that, Allsup still was active on his social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Now he was reaching out to his supporters via his Social Media but following the WSU petition Allsup was then suspended in December 2017 from various social platforms. 

    By the time his social media was removed, he already had collected over 24,000 followers on various social platforms. His Instagram & Facebook accounts got deleted in August 2019. 

    According to Facebook Spokesperson:

    The Page was for violating our policies was formed by dangerous organizations and individuals

    Also around this time, his YouTube channel was demonetized as well. Days later, Google removed the channel from YouTube as part of a policy change to remove white supremacy-affiliated content. 

    The channel had more than 450,000 subscribers when it was removed.

    Many news outlets have defined him as a white supremacist. He is listed as an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center and it also defines his ideology as an old-right and white nationalist. 

    In 2017 he was defined by the Washington Post as a

    "budding alt-right figure" 

    Shortly after stepping down as chairman of the WSU College Republicans, in an KCPQ interview, he said:

    I am not a white nationalist, and I have fully condemned the KKK, I have fully condemned Nazis, all of that kind of stuff

    Allsup then voiced approval to psychologist and professor at Ulster University Richard Lynn's beliefs in support of racial intelligence distinctions which claims that Africans have an average IQ of less than 70, on on May 2017

    Note: As per experts, Lynn, systematically ignoring Africans with elevated IQ and used selective information, which proves that there is no proof in Lynn's fictitious allegations.

    So, with 2020 elections approaching near, all eyes are again set on Allsup, but with a very few chips we are afraid his fans will not be able to see all that they expect from him.

    James Allsup Salary & Net Worth

    James had it all figured out, collecting donations for the development of his party wing, a place at the Republican party office, thousands of supporters, over a million listeners on YouTube. 

    James Allsup
    James Allsup In Action

    But this controversial individual wasn't able to retain any of it. While active, he reportedly made over $150 thousands from various projects but lately he isn't seen any where after media platforms have turned their back on him. Additionally, his net worth isn't out in the media either.

    What's James Allsup Current Relationship Status?

    James Allsup isn't known to be dating anyone openly as of 2019. Further, he isn't seen attending that many social events, so it's hard to find out if he is dating any one or is in a relationship as of 2019.