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Jaiden Dittfach

Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 22 2020
Jaiden Dittfach

Facts of Jaiden Dittfach

Full NameJaiden Dittfach
First NameJaiden
Last NameDittfach
Other NameJaiden Animation
Birth CityMesa, Arizona
Birth CountryU.S.A
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusSingle
Height167 cm
Weight55 kg
Date of BirthSeptember 27,1997
Age23 years


    of Jaiden Dittfach

    What is Jaiden Dittfach marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Jaiden Dittfach?167 cm
    What is the weight of Jaiden Dittfach?55 kg

    Who Is Jaiden Dittfach?

    Jaiden Dittfach is a 22 years old YouTuber well know as Jaiden Animation. 

    Jaiden Dittfach runs a very popular animation channel on YouTube. Her videos mostly consist of short, funny anecdotes of events that happen in her life, with few variation.

    Why Is Jaiden Dittfach Famous?

    Jaiden Dittfach is a well-Know Youtuber and an animator. She is well-know for her work on Jaiden Animations (2014), Pew News (2018) and Best Interviewer Ever (2017).

    Jaiden Dittfach has over 7.7 Million sybscriber and over Billion Views. She is considered as one of the pioneers of the animation renaissance on YouTube, along with co-workers James Rallison and Dominic Panganiban.

    Likewise, she is also active on Instragram and Twitter.

    Jaiden Dittfach Bio, Early Life, & Career

    Jaiden Dittfach  is a YouTube personality, was born in Mesa, Arizona on September 27, 1997. She is half-American and Half-Japanese YouTuber mostly known for her animated stories on YouTube channel, called ‘Jaiden Animations.

    Jaiden Dittfach started her Youtube channel on July 2014, since then Jaiden has been posting sketch videos. She is also active in Instragram and Twitter. 

    She Started her career not thinking of investing her career to it. At first, she begun animating after sending in fan art and working with YouTuber iHasCupquake.

    Jaiden Dittfach also posts songs in her channel. She is popular because she speak about her life, and how being stupid or shy among friends, and being afraid with stranger, made her life hard and how did she got over her fears. Further, she also suggests her viewers, not to be shy and ask for help from people near to you, when you have these situations.

    How Much Is Jaiden Dittfach Net Worth?

    Dittfach, a well known Animator on Youtube is known for her work on Jaiden Animations, Pew News, and Best Interviewer Ever. She has put her skills to test and has earned almost $5 million in total.

    22 years old Jaiden Dittfach now has over 7.7 Million subs, and over a billion views. She also has a merch line and hardcore fan base, hence her current net worth earned as a YouTube sketch comedian is at $4.3 Million. 

    Is Jaiden Dittfach Dating Someone or Single?

    She hasn't given away any thing specific about her personal side of the story, but she is often linked with her co-worker and friend James Rallison.

    Yes, many believe that she is currently in a relationship with a YouTube star and cartoonist Rallison who created Odd1isout. 

    James Rallison with Jaiden Dittfach
    Jaiden Dittfach with James Rallison

    Jaiden Dittfach Measurement Status

    Name Jaiden Dittfach
    Age 22 years old
    Birth-DateSeptember 27, 1997
    Birth-PlaceMesa, Arizona
    Height5 ft 6 Inches 
    Weight55 Kg
    Hair ColorBlack 
    Eye ColorBrown

    FAQ's On Jaiden Dittfach

    1. When was Jaiden Dittfach Born?

    Jaiden Dittfach is well-know as Jaiden Animation. She is an Animator born on September 27, 1997. Currently, she is 22 years old.

    2. How many Subscriber Does Jaiden Dittfach have?

    Jaiden Dittfach has a Subscriber of over 7.7 Million and over Billion Views. She is considered one of the pioneers of the animation renaissance of YouTube.

    3. How Much Does Jaiden Dittfach Earn?

    Jaiden Dittfach has a net worth of $4.3 Million. As she has over 7.7 Million subscribers and over a billion views on her channel.

    4. Are James Rallison and Jaiden Dittfach Dating?

    James Rallison has done various video projects with Jaiden Dittfach. She is expectedly dating him, but nothing has been officiated by either of the YouTubers.