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Jack Posobiec

pramesh Published On Sun Sep 15 2019   Modified On Sun Sep 15 2019
Jack Posobiec

Facts of Jack Posobiec

Full NameJack Posobiec
First NameJack
Last NamePosobiec
Birth NameJohn Michael Posobiec III
ProfessionPolotical Pundit, Alt Right Supporter
Birth CityNorristown, Pennsylvania
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTanya Tay
EducationTemple University Graduate
Twitter Profile
Date of BirthDecember 14,1985
Age34 years
Married DateNovember,2017


    of Jack Posobiec

    What is Jack Posobiec marital status ?Married
    Who is Jack Posobiec married with?Tanya Tay
    When was Jack Posobiec married?2017

    Who is Jack Posobiec? What's His Biography

    If you are interested in politics then you must be familiar with John Michael Posobiec III famous as Jack Posobiec who in real sense defined fake news. He is a well known internet troll, Conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter.

    He is well known for his remarks on Twitter in support of Donald Trump. He has been a focal point of numerous fake news, including the debunked conspiracy theory of Pizzagate involving high-ranking officials of the Democratic Party in a pedophile ring.

    President Trump faced a huge backlash for retweeted him. He worked as a correspondent for One America News Network, a conservative cable news channel, as of 2018.

    Why Is Jack Posobiec Famous?

    As 2020 election approaches near, the frequent fox news contributor Jack surely will be a key player in Donald Trump's re-election camping.

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    33 years old Journalist Jack Posobiec may have lost viewer's trust but he always comes up with ideas to get people to listen to what he is saying. 

    Most of his contents are monologues but Posobiec's monologues gain a lot of viewership. People are always eager to here his segments on television.

    So, with the approaching elections, Jack popularity has increased once again.

    Jack Posobiec's Early Life & Alt-Right Interest

    Posobiec was born in December 14, 1985, and was raised in a Polish-American family in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He is an alt-right republican but both of his parents were Democrats. 

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    Growing up, he attended Catholic High School at Kennedy-Kenrick and then moved to college at the Temple University.

    While at college, he protested against the political loyalty of his family and became the president of the Temple University College Republicans. In the university, he began a chapter of the David Horowitz Freedom Center Students for Academic Freedom organisation.

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    Rick Santorum, at his summer internship volunteered Republican Curt Weldon in 2006 for Weldon's the losing reelection campaign. 

    He received a degree in political science from Temple with a double major and broadcast journalism. Posobiec served the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China after graduation. He played a minor part in the 2008s The Forbidden Kingdom.

    Political Activity And Fake News Circulation

    In 2010s Pennsylvania lieutenant governor election, he hosted a conservative talk show for WPHT radio station in favour of Steve Johnson. His work as a radio talk show host heavily impressed Steve Johnson so later Steve Johnson hired him as a camping manager for his election campaign.

    Posobiec also worked a junior officer of the naval intelligence department. From 2010 to 2017 he served several the Navy Reserve, including a deployment at the Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay. 

    Alt-Right Views and Trump Camping Support

    Posobiec resigned from his role in the Naval Intelligence Office in March 2017, aiming his support to Donald Trump sighting "toxic work environment". As of August 2017 his security clearance was suspended and is still under review, meaning he may have to resume his work if the resignation is cancelled by the Naval Intelligence Office.

    Baseless Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory

    Posobiec was one of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory's largest social media promoters, falsely claiming high-ranking officials were engaged in a child-sex ring centered in Washington, D.C. pizzeria. 

    He live-streamed a pizzeria inquiry but was requested to leave after trying to broadcast a child's birthday party. 

    Posobiec later said he always believed that the concept of Pizzagate was "stupid" and filmed his visit to debunk it.

    Allegations on Star Wars For Anti Trump Scenes

    Posobiec stated in December 2016 without proof that Disney had rewritten scenes in Rogue One's Star Wars movie to add "Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist".

    Republican Congressman Steve Scalise Murder And Bernie Sanders

    Shortly after the murder of Republican congressman Steve Scalise during a baseball exercise in June 2017, Posobiec tweeted that Loretta Lynch had earlier called for "blood in the streets and that Bernie Sanders had ordered Trump to "take down" his supporters. 

    Dupont Train derailment And White Genocide Theory

    Together with Cernovich, a Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars, Posobiec introduced a false hypothesis in December 2017 which said a passenger train derailment near Dupont, Washington was related to the anti-fascism movement of Antifa. Posobiec has often tweeted about the conspiracy theory of the white genocide.

    Posobiec hailed Richard Spencer as "indispensable" on Twitter in September 2016. He later tried to distance himself from the white supremacist, remove his tweets and call Spencer a "sc**bag". Posobiec published a tweet of triple parentheses, an anti-Semitic meme, in October 2016. 

    In May 2017, Posobiec recruited siblings Jeffrey and Edward Clark who are an open neo-Nazi advocates to assist produce a documentary about Seth Rich's murder for The Rebel, a far-right website based in Canada.

    FBI Radar For Anto-Jewish Remarks

    In October 2018, one of Posobiec's employees Jeffrey Clark made a remark on Jewish victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue saying:

    "They deserved exactly what happened to them and so much worse".

    After that, Jeffrey  was detained on gun charges by the FBI after stating that the October 2018 shooting of the Jewish victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue. But right after FBI took him for an interrogation, Posobiec denied knowing Clark brothers. 

    He said that had never heard of Jeffrey Clark and had never created a documentary about Seth Rich, even though Posobiec and the Clark brothers were published together by HuffPost.

    Unite The Right Rally

    Following a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, which resulted in violent conflicts between white nationalists and anti-protesters, Posobiec said the rally had become "massive propaganda" for the left and that the mainstream media "fanning the flames of this violence."

    He then publicly said that Trump should have disavowed Black Lives Matter. Posobiec later tweeted that white nationalism and violence had been constantly disavowed.

    "A Reminder From Team Fame-Marker" 

    This Article in no shape or form is trying to make any racial comments, hurt any ones sentiments or make criticism on anyone's individual beliefs, we deliver to search based audience, and try our best to only highlight the truth, & people suggesting changes are required to read the privacy policy and contact us pages-accordingly. 

    Despite facing huge backlash, he released articles constantly containing the white supremacist code "1488" commonly known as Fourteen Words which states:

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

    Posobiec was a project manager of Citizens for Trump, a pro-Trump organisation, during the 2016 election. 

    In November 2016, Posobiec resulted a campaign to discredit anti-Trump demonstrators by placing a sign at a "Rape Melania" rally.

    He later rejected his participation and said that the Secret Service had questioned him about it. Posobiec was a DeploraBall organizer, an event to celebrate Trump's inauguration on January 19, 2017.

    The Rebel Media Fired Posobiec Sighting Intellectual Theft And plagiarism 

    Posobiec was a correspondent for The Rebel, a far-right Canadian newspaper, for two months in 2017. In April 2017, he was given media access to the White House, but he left the following month after claims arose that he had been plagiarized. 

    According to the Philadelphia magazine, during his short time in the White House press pool Posobiec 

    "seems to have been charged in the press briefing room with haranguing legitimate journalists and running out the clock on press conferences with inane softball questions and Dear Leader obsequiousness." 

    Interruption Of An Ongoing Play

    Disappointing entertainment fans is something Jack Posobiec has mastered. After disappointing Star Wars fans, Posobiec on June 16, 2017, he interrupted a Shakespeare in Julius Caesar's Park production depicting the lead as "Trump like figure".

    As per him, he disrupted the play because his friend Mike Cernovich, another alt-right conspiracy theorist bet $1,000 to anyone who disrupted a performance, led Posobiec. 

    Posobiec was escorted out by the security members from the play along with his fellow protester Laura Loomer, who was detained for disorderly conduct after refusing to leave the stage.

    Gun Abuse Propaganda

    n June 4, 2017, Posobiec tweeted

    "There's never been a terrorist attack at a Nascar race. Nascar fans are all armed. Draw your own conclusions."

    The tweet was purely pointing the Gun abuse.

    Posobiec organized a rally in Washington, D.C. to condemn Scalise's shooting on 25 June 2017. The rally was named

    Rally Against Political Violence

    Public Celebration Of Emmanuel Macron's 4chan Leaks

    Posobiec celebrated Emmanuel Macron's messages and files that were leaked soon before the 2017 French presidential election. He celebrated Emmanuel Macron's 4chan leaks at a party hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos. 

    Posobiec and Cernovich created a super PAC called #Rev18 in October 2017 and publicly announced that he and Cernovich will provide assistance to Josh Mandel in Ohio's election in 2018  to the Senate. 

    Roy Moore Child Molestation Allegations

    Following Molestation allegations on then Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore who alligedly tried having sex with a 14 years old; Posobiec urged his Twitter supporters to target a female in her workplace.

    Did Posobiec Bribed Conor Lamb?

    In Pennsylvania's 18th special election, Posobiec endorsed Democrat Conor Lamb over Republican Rick Saccone in the 18th special election of the Pennsylvania congressional district in March 2018. Posobiec then described Lamb as 

    "Pro-Trump Dem veteran" 

    Socially Unacceptable Trolls

    Posobiec then moved his card a little further by distributing leaflets thanking Democratic senators in July 2017. He accused the Democratic senators for distributing violent sexual content as: 

    Thank you for protecting our quality violent por (adult content) and ritual Satanic p**n videos

    As per sources, the flyers were spread outside of the United States including Canada. 

    Take a look at a footage of net neutrality demonstration

    Taking the troll even further, Posobiec took part on in a tiny protest on August 16, 2017 to have the senators removed from a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle, Washington.

    Criticizing Google 

    Posobiec criticized Google in April 2018 for not getting a Doodle for Easter.

    Upsetting Game of Thrones Fans 

    From 2012 to 2016, Posobiec was running the AngryGoTFan blog and podcast on Game of Thrones.  

    Using Dating Site After Marriage & Ban From A Dating Application

    There is something about Jack Posobiec and Online platforms. On 24 January 2018, a dating app Bumble removed Posobiec from its platform after the firm was notified, he was married via his Facebook account. 

    Posobiec however rejected having a Bumble account and claimed he had been a victim of identity theft. He even threatened to sue and lodging a complaint against Bumble or the person who did this to him.

    Who Is Jack Posobiec's Wife?

    Alt-Right politician who openly has opposed American immigration policies, in November 2017 married a Belorussian woman Tanya Tay. Jack's wife and model Tanya has over 14 thousand followers on her official Instagram. 

    The couple is reportedly together despite the whole Bumble case. But Jack, however hasn't disclosed when the couple first met  but phillymag outed that the cpuple first met in Belarus. So far, he hasn't disclosed if the couple has any children or not.

    After an FBI investigation which inquired if Tanya had any links with Kremlin Jack said:

    If it’s Tanya, I have nothing to worry about, her dad is a mechanic, her mom is an accountant, no relation to any of that stuff. … I followed all the standard procedures when you start a relationship with someone born overseas.

    Jack's wife Tanya Tay is from Belarus (former USSR nation).

    How Much is Jack Posobiec's Salary and Net Worth?

    Jack Posobiec was a successful journalist and radio show host. He had everything under control and was doing pretty well before The Rebel Media fired him. He was a well known media personality and made over $70 thousand in salary. 

    But after he started getting people angry using his gimmicks, Jack lost trust from general public and now his identity is confined to being a Troll. As of 2019, his actual net worth isn't known either.