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Jack Brinkman

pramesh Published On Sun Jun 07 2020   Modified On Tue Aug 11 2020
Jack Brinkman

Facts of Jack Brinkman

Full NameJack Brinkman
First NameJack
Last NameBrinkman
Birth CityMissouri
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameMark Brinkman
Mother NameKelly Brinkman
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle
Height170 cm
Weight62 kg
Networth$100 k
Insta Profile
Date of BirthJune 25,1999
Age21 years


    of Jack Brinkman

    What is Jack Brinkman marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Jack Brinkman?170 cm
    What is the weight of Jack Brinkman?62 kg

    Who is Jack Brinkman?

    Jack Brinkman is a well-known YouTuber and Instagram Star who used to stream gameplays of "Outlast."

    Jack is also known as the ex-boyfriend, another famous YouTuber Gabrielle Moses, famous for a YouTube channel, "Jack and Gab."

    Why is Jack Brinkman Famous?

    Jack Brinkman got famous when he started uploading the stream of "Outlast" and is now recognized as a Youtuber and Instagram Star. 

    Jack is also famous for his channel "Jack and Gab," which he created alongside his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle Moses. 

    Jack and Gabrielle's Youtube channel called "Jack and Gab."

    Jack is also famous on Instagram, and his Instagram has over 368 k followers.

    Jack's Official Instagram account

    Jack is recently in talks after his former girlfriend did a Q&A vlog where she outed that she and Jack had a breakup.

    Jack Brinkman- Bio, Early Life, and Career

    Jack Brinkman was born on June 25, 1999, in Missouri, and he is currently 20 years old, as of 2019. 

    Likewise, Jack belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American Nationality. 

    Jack Brinkman

    Jack's father is Mark Brinkman, and his mother's name is Kelly Brinkman. He might have siblings, but he hasn't disclosed information about it anywhere in his social posts or even in his YouTube Q&As. 

    Jack's mother, Kelly Brinkman

    Firstly, he started his career as a gamer, streaming games on social media, playing "Outlast," and after that, he switched to YouTube and started a channel "Jack and Gab" with his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle Moses.

    Jack, along with his ex-girlfriend, has posted 550 videos on that channel, which includes challenge-videos, prank, and QNAs, which usually grabbed massive attention from the viewers.

    Jack's YouTube has over 2 million subscribers and an overall 301 million views. Some of his popular videos are "Hickey prank on Boyfriend," "Yoga Challenge with Girlfriend," "Things Girls Do That Guys, Love," etc. 

    Jack also has a self-titled vlogging-gaming channel created on May 16, 2015, where he uploads daily life vlogs and gaming videos.

    Jack Brinkman's Net Worth

    Jack Brinkman is worth somewhere between $1 million to $1.5 million, as of 2020. He earned such a huge net worth just at the age of 20. 

    Jack was also seen gifting a Jeep to his former girlfriend, Gabrielle Moses, in one of his videos. 

    Jack gifted car to Gabrielle Moses

    We don't know if Jack Brinkman will take his Jeep back from Gabrielle, but he also owns a black Toyota Car worth around $45k.

    Jack's black car worth $45k

    Jack Brinkman's Relationship Status

    Earlier, up until 2020's May, Jack Brinkman was in a relationship with another famous YouTuber and co-worker Gabrielle Moses. He also ran a YouTube channel with Moses titled "Jack and Gab." 

    The couple was one of the most-watched pair on the internet when they were together. 

    Jack with his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle Moses

    The pair broke up back in 2019, and in March 2020, Gabrielle uploaded a video in her YouTube channel where she was seen crying over her sad heartbreak. In a video, she has admitted that they broke up because of busy schedules and miscommunication. 

    Jack Brinkman's Body

    However, Jack hasn't given any or reaction on Gab's video. Though he and Gab are no more an item, Jack isn't dating anyone either, as of 2020.

    Jack Brinkman's Statistics & Measurements

    Name Jack Brinkman
    DOBJune 25, 1999
    Age20 years
    Height5ft 7inches
    Weight62 kgs
    Hair ColorBrown
    Eyes ColorBlue

    FAQ's on  Jack Brinkman

    Who are Jack Brinkman's parents?

    Jack Brinkman's father's name is Mark Brinkman, and his mother's name is Kelly Brinkman.

    Which is Jack Brinkman's first-ever YouTube Channel?

    The first Youtube channel that Jack ever owned is self-titled "Jack Brinkman," created on May 16, 2015.

    How much is Jack Brinkman's net worth?

    Jack Brinkman's current net worth is between $1 million to $1.5 million, as of 2020.

    Who is Jack Brinkman's ex-girlfriend?

    Jack Brinkman's former girlfriend's name is Gabrielle Moses.

    What's Jack Brinkman's height & weight?

    Jack Brinkman is 5ft 7 inches tall and weighs around 62 kgs.