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Grayson Dolan

pramesh Published On Thu Apr 16 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 16 2020
Grayson Dolan

Facts of Grayson Dolan


    of Grayson Dolan

    Who Is Grayson Dolan?

    Grayson Dolan is a young and famous American Social Media Personality.

    Grayson Dolan got famous for his Vines and YouTube. He had over 3.3 million followers on the video app called Vine and now has over 4.75 Million subscribers on YouTube.

    Why Is Grayson Dolan Famous?

    Grayson Dolan started making Vine videos on 25 May 2013 partnering with his brother.

    Coming to September 2015, the Founder Of Awesomeness TV Signed the Twins and started a TV show. Likewise, they also took part on 4OU world tour.

    Grayson Dolan Bio, Early Life, & Career

    Grayson Dolan was born on 16th December 1999, in New Jersy. He is a world known viner and YouTube. 

    He started uploading Vine videos on 25 May, 2013 along with his twin brother. In 2016, he received multiple Teen Choice Awards as a YouTuber, Comedian, and a Web series star.

    Grayson Dolan Net Worth

    Grayson Dolan is a famous American social media personality who started making Vine videos on 25 May 2013. 

    As he got famous, he signed a six figured TV contract along with a few hit web sereis. Added that, his Youtube has almost 5 million subscribers, all of which contribute to his earning. As of 2020, Grayson Dolan's net worth is reportedly around $3 million. 

    He is one half of The Dolan Twins, and is also huge on social media, added that, he also earns from his comedy gigs and merch-sales.

    Grayson Dolan Relationship Status

    Grayson Dolan is a handsome shredded man with a sense of humor, so everybody wants to be with him! But with all the desirable features, one should be free at the moment to be able to start dating!

    For your kind information, Grayson Dolan is reportedly single, which means, he is free at the moment. Likewise, he is focused on his career and even though he hangs out with his friends all the time he hasn't tagged anyone as his partner. 

    Though, fans have built theories that tie Olivia O’Brien and former vine star, Chloe Alison to Grayson, he hasn't accepted any of it. He has often said Chloe Alison is his best-friend but people guess otherwise!

    Added that, people took it too far when they suspected Grayson to be gay! They went as far as any imaginative person could go to bring up fashion vlogger James Charles, and tie him up with Grayson Dolan.

    Grayson Dolan Measurements

    Name Grayson Dolan
    Age 20 Years old
    Birth Date16th December 1999
    Horoscope Sagittarius
    Height 5 ft 11 inches
    Weight 72 kg 
    Hair ColorBlack.

    FAQ's On Grayson Dolan

    1. When Was Grayson Dolan Born?

    Grayson Dolan was Born on 16th December 1999, in New Jersey,USA. He Started making Vine videos on 25 May 2013 along with his brother and got famous in Vines.

    2. How many Followers does Grayson Dolan have in YouTube?

    Grayson Dolan is Famous for his Vines and YouTube videos. He has Over 3.3 million Followers on Vine and Over 4.75 Million on YouTube. 

    3. Is Grayson Dolan Of the Dolan Brothers Gay?

    The answer is No! Grayson Dolan is straight, and has been suspected to be have dated singer Olivia O’Brien and former vine star, Chloe Alison at some point of time! His fans also have a theory where he is secretly gay and is dating beauty vlogger James Charles, which is completely baseless.