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Famous Hip Hop Figures Dissing "Snitch" 6ix9ine! Rapper Set To Face The Judge In January For Sentencing

Published On Wed Nov 13 2019   Modified On Fri Mar 20 2020
Famous Hip Hop Figures Dissing "Snitch" 6ix9ine! Rapper Set To Face The Judge In January For Sentencing

Tekashi 6ix9ine can receive over 43 years of imprisonment for racketeering, keeping unlicensed assault weapons, sexual misconduct charges, and for escalating violence.

Recently, after reports of 69 snitching on street gangs started swirling in the media, the Kooda singer was criticized by many other rappers in the industry.

Some of Hernandez's open critics include Snoop Dogg and his own rap-daddy 50 Cent. 

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6ix9ine is in a long-standing trouble with the authorities and is now guilty to nine counts of felonies. Meaning? This dude can be gone for a very long time.

Here's a post Do-double-G made over 6ix9ine:

Ever since the news of Daniel Hernandez agreeing on a plea deal came out, the internet has gone crazy.

As per 50, 6ix9ine recently snitched on 21 Savage, and TMZ revealed that 6ix9ine also said something about rapper Cardi-B being affiliated to some gang!

Where Is He Now?

As per TMZ, Daniel Hernandez at first was kept in a normal cell, but after frequent altercations with Trey Gang members, the Rapper was transported to another prison where particular criminals who agree to assist government are held up.

Aggressive Rainbow Head Rapper 6ix9ine
Is 6ix9ine Still Relevant?

Takashi 69 is looking forward to reduces sentencing in his final hearing in January 2020. 

6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Worth Record Deal

As per sources, rapper Daniel Hernandez has signed two albums / $10 million worth deal with Lucian Grainge's son Elliot Grainge's record company. But the deal is caused that he should be released in 2020, or the contract will be void.

Recently media is buzzing at 6ix9ine's current deal, but critic and singer Joe Biden think the whole thing is a hoax! 

Biden was seen heavily criticizing Hernandez lately in his podcast and YouTube. He even said that he doesn't believe a thing he sees in the internet.

He thinks signing 6ix9ine will be a liability for any record company, and there is no way the rainbow head can repay the sum without doing shows.

Further, he thinks that any club or venue wouldn't allow 6ix9ine to perform because he is a significant risk. It looked like Joe was absolutely against 6ix9ine's release and wants Hernandez to suffer.

Take a look at the full video, but no matter how many times he said:

"I don't wanna start my show with (explicit) Tekashi 69."

He couldn't stop talking about the punk-rapper for one whole segment, take a look:

The Singer is expected to appear for sentencing in January of 2020 in NYC court. The tatted scream rapper, however, is expected to face somewhere around 40 years of jail time.

However, 6ix9ine's girlfriend looked pretty happy after seeing her boyfriend in jail.

6ix9ine on the other hand thinks he needs no witness protection and when he is out of jail he will be more famous and has called rappers like snoop and 50 as old, washed up haters even from behind the bars.

However, the self proclaimed King Of New York has now lost, if not all, the most of his street credits and now street people might not relate to his tough deminer anymore!