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Faith Goldy

Published On Tue Sep 10 2019   Modified On Tue Sep 10 2019
Faith Goldy

Facts of Faith Goldy

Full NameFaith Julia Goldy
First NameFaith
Middle NameJulia
Last NameGoldy
Birth NameFaith Julia Goldy
Other NameFaith Goldy-Bazos
ProfessionJournalist/ Far-right white Nationalist
Birth CityToronto
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
AwardsGordon Cressy Student Leadership Award
EducationMA in public policy, BA Political Sciences
Date of BirthJune 8,1989
Age31 years


    of Faith Goldy

    What is Faith Goldy marital status ?Single

    Who Is Faith Goldy? Know Her Biography

    Faith Julia Goldy, better known as Faith Goldy-Bazos, is a political pundit from Canada. Goldy's views are described as alt-right or far-right white nationalists.

    Before dismissal, she was a contributing member to the Rebel Media and participated in the 2017 Unit of the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. She was fired in 2017 after she featured in an article on a Neo-nazi website, The Daily Stormer.

    Why Is She Famous?

    Goldy who is described as a far-right white nationalist is famous for her controversial statements on racially sensitive issues.

    She was the candidate who finished in third place by 3.4% in 2018 Toronto mayoral race. She also faced backlash and was fined around $50 thousand for raising funds sighting her issues with the government but spending it on her election camping.

    Faith Goldy Ran For Toronto Mayor but lost securing only 3% vote
    Faith Goldy Ran For Toronto Mayoral Race In 2018 

    She suddenly got highlighted after Facebook banned her on April 8, 2019. 

    Goldy, along with other white nationalists and hate organizations, was banned from Facebook sighting their policy violation.

    Goldy's Early Life & Exceptionally Good Educational Record

    Goldy was born on June 8, 1989, and she is currently 30 years old, as of 2019. She studied at the University of Western Ontario at Huron College, a private-12 school. She later completed her political and History Degree in philosophy, Political Sciences from the University of Toronto's Trinity College. 

    She also started an MA in public policy at the School of Public Policy and Governance of the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto Alumni Association awarded her with the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award in 2012.

    The Ukrainian and Greek descendants are Goldy is also a Greek-Catholic Ukrainian Church member. 

    Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award Receiver Faith Goldy
    Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award Receiver Faith Goldy 

    From October 7, 2015, until her dismissal on May 30, 2017, she was the board member of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Foundation.

    Career, Controversies, & Criticisms

    "A Reminder From Team Fame-Marker" 

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    Prior to being a far-right activist, Goldy worked as a public commentator and reporter for newspapers like The Catholic Register, Toronto Sun, Blazem, Bell Media, ZoomerMedia, and National Post. 

    She is previously reported with the Sun News Network and has worked on The Rebel Media, a right-wing Canadian news site, in which she featured political commentary in many YouTube videos and a weekly show called On The Hunt with Faith Goldy.

    Alt-Right Activist Faith Goldy Giving Her Candidacy Speech
    Faith Goldy Giving Her candidacy speech

    She on her visit to Palestine, tweeted a video from the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. In the video, she made claims that Christians have ethnically been wiped out of the town as she could hear Islamic call for prayers in the city completely ignoring that Jesus and Mother Mary is an integral part of Islamic holy book Quran.

    Goldy then was caught in a substantial controversy after she appeared in a podcast on the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. 

    For her regular anti-Jew comments and repetition of 14 words: 

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

    She was first fired from the Rebel Media. Then, she wasn't allowed to make her candidacy speech. Despite that, she didn't pull out her candidacy but could only secure above 3% votes as Toronto's municipal candidate. 

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    She was later banned by pay-pal which stopped her from getting paid online, and finally, her YouTube channel with over 60 thousand subscribers was removed sighting policy violence.

    After that, alternative crowdfunding system, ran by Carlisle Johnson Freestartr helped her collect fund but later pay-pal suspended Freestartr as well.

    On Monday, April 8, 2019, she was again banned from Facebook sighting company's widening crackdown on users who espouse white nationalism and other forms of hate. Facebook then said the group and individuals were prohibited as per its a policy violation.

    What Are Her Political Views?

    The Political views of Goldy are defined as a far-right or Alt-right nationalist and white nationalist. Goldy has been promoting the conspiracy theory of the white genocide.

    She allegedly related the subject to removing Confederate statues, claiming that they were substituted 

    "because white people are being replaced" 

    She deliberately tried to make believe

    "terrible truths of white genocide" 

    Her faith in the topic led to criticism, including a petition to cancel her Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award. GQ labeled her as

    "one of Canada's most prominent propagandists."

    She in in defense of her coverage of 2017 Unite the Right rally has said:

    I do not bathe in tears of white guilt. That does not make me a white supremacist. I oppose state multiculturalism and affirmative action. That does not make me a racist. I reject cultural relativism. That does not make me a fascist. 

    Faith Goldy's Net Worth & Salary

    She earned a decent amount until she openly expressed her white supremacist theories. She was a reliable journalist, a podcaster and a well followed scholar but after she openly stated things about her views on Jewish groups, she was heavily criticized and was condemned by the media world. 

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    She then went on to loose around $50 thousand on fines and wasn't able to win the municipal elections either. 

    So, alike another Far-Right White Nationalist James Allsup, Faith Goldy's personal earnings has decreased significantly and we have no current data regarding her current net worth as well as salary.

    Is Faith Goldy Dating Anyone?

    Faith Goldy is strongly a monogamist person and she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. So, in one of her many interviews she has said that she isn't in any kind of relationship. 

    Faith Goldy Faith Goldy is strongly a monogamist person
    Faith Goldy Is strongly a monogamist person, & Opposes Sex Before Marriage

    Further, the far-right winger hasn't been seen with any suspicious man yet. Hence, we believe that she is still single.