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Claudia Haro

pramesh Published On Mon May 04 2020   Modified On Thu Aug 13 2020
Claudia Haro

Facts of Claudia Haro

Full NameClaudia Haro
First NameClaudia
Last NameHaro
Birth CountryAmerica
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseGarrett Warren
No Of Children2
FilmographyCasino,Jimmy Hollywood,Gone Fishin,With Honors
Height172 cm
Networth$12 M


    of Claudia Haro

    What is Claudia Haro marital status ?Divorced
    How many children does Claudia Haro have ?2
    Who is Claudia Haro married with?Garrett Warren
    What is the height of Claudia Haro?172 cm
    What is the weight of Claudia Haro?kg

    Who Is Claudia Haro?

    Claudia Haro is an American actress known for her hit movie "Casino," released in the year 1995. 

    Claudia Haro is also known for her high-profile romances and was the ex-wife of American actor-musician Joe Pesci. After Joe, she was married to fight Choreographer Garrett Warren. 

    Why Is Claudia Haro Famous?

    Claudia Haro is famous as the ex-wife of a renowned actor Joe Pesci. After she divorced Joe, she was married to a famous martial artist Garrett Warren. 

    Claudia Haro is also famous for her movie "Casino" released in the 90s. 

    Claudia Haro as Trudy in the movie "Casino."

    Claudia Haro got infamous after she was incarcerated for an attempt to murder over her ex-husband Garrett Warren in 2000.

    Claudia Haro's Bio, Early life and career

    Claudia Haro has not revealed her birth date and information about her parents and siblings, but she belongs to white ethnicity and holds American Nationality. 

    Claudia Haro

    Before starting her career in acting, she was already famous as the wife of a renowned actor Joe Pesci. 

    Claudia has appeared in movies like Jimmy Hollywood, and With Honors (both released in 1994), 1995s smash hit Casino and Gone Fishin in 1997.

    Claudia's last movie was "Gone Fishin," and after that, she took retirement from acting and started spending time with her family. 

    Police have also arrested Claudia because she reportedly hired a hitman to gun down her ex-husband. Stunt coordinator Garett Warren was shot four times by a gunman on his face and upper-body on Haro's order. Warren did recover from the incident, but he lost one of his eyes. 

    Police couldn't find that gunman for over two years, but a photo of warren was found in the car of a drug dealer as well as restaurant owner Miguel Quiroz. These proofs helped identify Claudia Haro's brother Manuel as the shooter killer. 

    For that, Claudia was sentenced for 12 years and four months, and she served her sentence at California Institution for women, which is a state prison located in the city of Corona, Riverside County, California, east of Los Angeles. She was recently released from prison in 2019.

    Claudia Haro's Net Worth

    Claudia Haro has already earned a decent amount of money from her film career, and her current net worth is $12 million. 

    Likewise, her ex-husband Joe Pesci's estimated net worth is $50 million, and her second ex-husband Garrett Warren's net worth is $2 million, as of 2020.

    Claudia Haro's Relationship Status

    Claudia Haro's love life has been an example of a series of wrong decisions and unfortunate events. Relationships can very well be self distributive, and Claudia Haro is a living example of it! 

    Claudia was firstly married to her ex-husband Joe Pesci who is the famous American actor as well as a musician. The pair tied the knot in 1988, but unfortunately, the relationship ended with a divorce in 1992. 

    Claudia Haro with Joe Pesci

    However, the former pair share a daughter Tiffany from their four years long wedlock. 

    After that, Claudia married a Martial art choreographer Garrett Warren in  1998. 

    Claudia Halo's second ex-husband Garrett Warren

    Later, the problem started as the pair entered the new millennium and they got divorced in 2000, Claudia unhappy with the divorce settlement conspired to kill Warren who also was the father of her second child, and hired a contract killer to kill her husband, Garrett Warren.

    Thankfully, Garrett Warren survived that, and Claudia was sent to prison for 12 years and four months after she was convicted.

    Claudia Haro's Statistics

    Claudia Haro is a tall and beautiful woman. She was a talented actress, who went through a family feud which nearly got her baby father killed. 

    Her derailed love life makes her a beautiful Poison Ivy flower blooming in Spring. So, here are a few details on Claudia Haro's overall appearance, let's take a look:

    NameClaudia Haro
    Birth CountryAmerica
    ProfessionFormer Actress
    Height5ft 8 inches
    Hair colorLight Red
    Eye colorBlack

    FAQ's on Claudia Haro

    Which is the debut movie of Claudia Haro?

    Claudia Haro debuted in "Jimmy Hollywood," which was a 1994 release.

    Who is Claudia Haro's first husband?

    Claudia Haro's first husband is Joe Pesci, who is a famous American Actor and musician.

    Who Claudia Haro's second husband?

    Claudia Haro's second husband is Garrett Warren, who is a Martial art Choreographer.

    Why was Claudia Haro sent to prison?

    Claudia was sent to prison for 12 years and four months because she tried to kill her husband Garrett Warren, hiring a contract killer after their divorce.

    What Claudia Haro's net worth?

    Claudia Haro's estimated net worth is $12 million.

    What is the approximate height of Claudia Haro?

    The approximate height of Claudia Haro is 5ft 8 inches.