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Carole Baskin

Published On Sat Jun 20 2020   Modified On Tue Aug 11 2020
Carole Baskin

Facts of Carole Baskin

Full NameCarole Baskin
First NameCarole
Last NameBaskin
Professionactivist and owner of Big-cat rights rescue
Birth CityTexas
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseHoward Baskin
No Of Children1
Height163 cm
Weight56 kg
Networth$10 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthJune 6,1961
Age59 years
Married DateNovember,2004


    of Carole Baskin

    What is Carole Baskin marital status ?Married
    How many children does Carole Baskin have ?1
    Who is Carole Baskin married with?Howard Baskin
    When was Carole Baskin married?2004
    What is the height of Carole Baskin?163 cm
    What is the weight of Carole Baskin?56 kg

    Who is Carole Baskin?

    Carole Baskin is an American activist and owner of Big-cat rights rescue, best recognized for her appearance in 2020's Netflix documentary series, Tiger King.

    Why is Carole Baskin famous?

    Carole Baskin is a famous American activist working to preserve Big-cat rights. Moreover, she got the opportunity to appear in 2020's Netflix documentary series, Tiger King as Big-cat rescuer. 

    She is recently in talks after the federal court handed Zoe Exotic's Oklahoma zoo to Carole Baskin. After she appeared in the Netflix series 'Tiger King', people started suspecting her involvement in a sudden disappearance of her husband.

    Carole Baskin posing photo alongside tiger
    Source: Instagram

    Carole Baskin is popular on social media as well as she has over 16.8k followers on Instagram currently.

    Carole Baskin posture of Big Cat Rescue
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    Carole Baskin's Bio, Early life and Career

    Carole Baskin was born on June 6, 1961, in Bexar County, Texas. Facts relating to her parents and siblings are yet to be revealed.

    Carole Baskin posing photo
    Source: Instagram

    From her childhood, she showed an interest in protecting cats when she was nine, she decided against pursuing a career in veterinary medicine after she discovered that veterinarians euthanize animals.

    Carole Baskin posing photo alongside tiger
    Source: Instagram

    As of now, Carole is the owner and CEO of the Big Cat Rescue, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. The rescue began in November 1992 and was formerly named Wildlife on Easy Street, a bed and breakfast encounter where guests could spend the night with a young wild cat in their shelter.

    Later, the park rebranded and got converted into an animal sanctuary In 1995. According to the organization, it practices its history as bed and breakfast to educate about the downsides of personally controlled animals.

    Besides this, she has also appeared in 2020's Netflix documentary series, Tiger King as a Big-cat rescuer.

    Carole Baskin's Controversy

    Carole Baskin's attention on media skyrocketed after her video with her current husband was shared by stars such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. 

    Justin Bieber shared their video and said no, which as per Justin fans, was a silent statement pointing Baskin's involvement in a possible crime.

    What is Carole Baskin's Net Worth?

    Currently, 56 years old, Carole Baskin's net worth is above $10 million. She earned her wealth as an activist, and an owner of Big-cat rights rescue beside and also inherits a considerable sum of money from her ex-husband, who went missing in 1997.

    Carole Baskin showing Big Cat Rescue support
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     Here are some facts relating to Carole Baskin's net worth in 2020:

    Estimated Net Worth in 2020+$10 million
    Yearly Income$100,000-$300,000
    Source of IncomeFitness model/Reality Star (profession)

    Carole Baskin Marriages

    When Carole Baskin was 17, she got married to a departmental store owner, Micheal Murdock, on April 7, 1979. The pair gave birth to a daughter, Jamie Veronica Murdock, on July 16, 1980.

    Jeff Lowe comparison with Micheal Murdock

    During one of their disputes, Don Lewis came in as an unknown visitor who helped her get away from Murdock's cruelty. 

    As per Carole, she and her second husband, Don Lewis, met while they were still married to other people. Lewis, who was 22 years senior to Carole, pulled his car and rolled down the window, offering her a ride, as she recounts in the Netflix series. 

    After she refused, he went away and returned a few minutes later with a revolver in the passenger seat and said: "You can hold this weapon on me."

    Then she stepped into the car and picked up the weapon while he had been talking. As per Baskin, Don, at the beginning of the conversation, said: "I just need someone to talk to." Reportedly, when they met, both Carol and Lewis were married to a different person.

    Ten years later, in 1991, Baskin and Lewis got married and began buying big cats for their animal sanctuary, then called Wildlife on Easy Street. Though Don was a multi-millionaire, he and Carol got married in a courthouse with a $14 wedding ring.

    Then on July 1997, Lewis filed a restrictive order against her, insisting that she had threatened to kill him but, the court declined the restriction order. 

    Baskin insisted that he filed the restraining order because she was asking about his mysterious visits to Costa Rica. 

    Don Lewis and Carole Baskin

    Despite this, Lewis resumed living with Baskin, later on. Rumors also insist, Lewis wanted a divorce, but Baskin denies so.

    But in August 1997, Lewis disappeared and was reported legally dead in 2002. A discussion ensued between Baskin and Lewis's children for his property, but it resulted in Baskin controlling the majority of her deceased husband's estate.

    Later, she met Howard Baskin in November 2002, at a kick-off reception for the recently formed No More Homeless Pets foundation

    He entered Big Cat Rescue soon as a chairman of the advisory board. In November 2003, he proposed Carole, and they got married in November 2004.

    Source: Instagram

    As of 2020, they are still enjoying their romantic marriage and are living happily together.

    Carole Baskin feud with Joe Exotic and Tiger King

    Don Lewis went missing in August 1997, investigations were held, which later declared him legally dead in 2002, and the case was closed. But, Joe Exotic, famously known as The Tiger King, who was the owner of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, insisted Carol's involvement in Don Lewis's case. As the case lacked facts and proofs were insufficient, his claims were legally falsified, and Baskin filed a harassment lawsuit against Joe Exotic. 

    Joe Exotic
    Mug Shot of Mr. Joe Exotic AKA Tiger King
    Source: Wikipedia

    The court supported her, and the court even fined Joe Exotic with $1 million over emotional distress and ruins, causing him bankrupt. In 2020, he was convicted of planning to hire a shooter to kill Carole Baskin.

    Further, Carole was also featured in 2020's Netflix documentary series; the Universal Content Production releases tiger King, a podcast influenced by Joe Erotic's life on Netflix. The series also gave some ideas on how she might have used tigers in Lewis's disappearance. 

    But, Baskin was unaware of it, and she found it out after internet memes surfaced targeting Baskin's involvement in Lewis's disappearance. As of 2020, Lewis's disappearance case has been re-opened and is under investigation.

    Carole Baskin's Body Measurements

    Weight56 kg
    Height5 feet 4 inches
    Hair Golden
    Body TypeOval

    Some FAQs related to Carole Baskin

    What is Carole Baskin's nationality?

    Carole Baskin is an American social worker and animal lover who runs Big Cat Rescue Center.

    Who is Carole Baskin as per 2020's Netflix documentary series, Tiger King?

    Carole Baskin is the CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a Big-cat rescuer, and prominent cat rights activist, as shown in 2020's Netflix documentary series, Tiger King.

    How tall is Carole Baskin?

    Carole Baskin has a height of 5 feet 4 inches(163 cm).

    Did Carole Baskin kill Don Lewis?

    Carol and her second husband did have some trouble in their married life, her husband was also a pilot, and as per Carol, he mysteriously disappeared, but as per Joe Exotic, she killed him and fed him to the tigers. 

    Carole Baskin meme
    Carole Baskin Meme

    However, the court is re-investigating his disappearance, and up until the court passes any judgment, nothing can be said.