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Brittany Furlan

Published On Fri Aug 30 2019   Modified On Fri Aug 30 2019
Brittany Furlan

Facts of Brittany Furlan


    of Brittany Furlan

    Who Is Brittany Furlan? Know Her Biography

    Vine star and YouTuber Brittany Furlan is known for utterly hilarious-yet-awkwardly-relatable puns. With almost 10 million fans on her credit in a recently closed 6 to 8 seconds video application Vine, she is one of the most famous vine stars of the generation. 

    Most of her videos on the Vine app did cross four million views. However, after the vine app collapsed in 2017, she opted out to other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and even in Snap-chat.

    Her innovative contents really captivate people, and everyone loves seeing her take on general lives and the way she relates it to first-class comedy content.

    How Did Brittany Furlan Got Famous?

    Brittany Furlan is a Vine and YouTube sensation, but she started her career from TV world! Surprisingly, she got her golden ticket to Hollywood after casting director noticed her with her colleagues during the usual night out. 

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    Furlan then was cast in "Reality Hell" and "Prank My Mom" after being offered roles in television shows, but it was after some TV shows, she discovered she loved comedy skits more, and she hoped she could produce her own comedy skits someday.

    Famous Viner Brittany Furlan
    No More Miss Furlan: Brittany Furlan Flaunting A Picture with A mug which reads "MRS."

    Her skills and desire came true after she discovered 'Vine' which was a perfect platform for her to do all that she is known for now! Miss Furlan took her chances and chose to attempt "doing her thing" in the 6-second video app, uploading her self generated video contents.

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    And once she started making vine videos, she was slingshot to fame. Flamboyant Brittany then went on to gather nearly 10 million followers on Vine and became one of the most popular Viners who was listed by the Time's Magazine in as the most influential person on the internet in 2015.

    A Brittany Furlan Vine Collection 

    She is better known to portray an extremely related circumstance into a spectacularly dramatic scene that people couldn't help but laugh at it. 

    Brittany's most famous vines such as' Me the whole month of October' and' Pop singer attempts to hide from the murderer' gained over 25 million views. 

    Additionally, 'Goodwill's Where the Party's At' and 'Puhhhfect' are still the best one-liners on her vine compilation video on YouTube.

    Brittany started her own YouTube channel (which now has more than 272 K subscribers) after Vine was brought down in 2017. Also, she is hugely popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Snap-chat. 

    Not only did Brittany's fame earn her the status of a social media star, but she also appeared in MTV's "Ridiculousness" and "E" The soup'. You'd probably realize she's working in the mainstream movies in Hollywood now, if you remember,' We Are Your Friends.'

    Sassy Brittany isn't just about making fame and fortune but is an environmentalist and a very Eco-concerned human being. 

    She also likes using her reputation to create awareness in the general mass about cleaning the ocean and keeping aquatic life as safe as possible. 

    As a part of an organization called Project Mermaid, she does her awareness camping. Brittany even participated in a charity photo-shoot to create awareness in people about aquatic life and to make people aware of keeping the sea and the beaches clean and healthy.

    Brittany's Childhood & Current Projects

    Brittany Furlan was born in Philadelphia, USA on September 5, 1986, but now lives in LA to pursue her studies and acting career. 

    There is little data shared on social media about her childhood or her private life. Brittany Furlan is also the proud recipient of the Viner of the Year 2014 Streamy Award.

    Brittany Furlan: Affair, Dating History & Current Relationship

    If you follow Furlan, we hope you do believe in giving love another shot. We are telling this to our readers because Brittany Furlan has been in three relationships that we know about.

    Earlier in 2014, Brittany Furlan and Randal Kirk shared a romantic relationship and the duo got engaged during their short-lived love life, however, the couple separated in 2015.

    Brittany took her Facebook on May 19, 2015, to disclose that she is single after four years of dating.

    She was engaged to Randal during that moment, but she did not mention the name of the man she split from. However, her post did say she was not single from 2011 or so.

    Here is what she said in her Facebook post:

    Well, the post did showed that she wasn't doing emotionally well after her break-up with her fiance. But later in December of 2015, Brittany from her official Twitter revealed she would like to get married. 

    So, what did she meant from her post? Was she hinting us if she was seeing someone? If so, who was able to win her heart for the second time?

    This time it was Tommy Lee, the vine star and the director reportedly shared a slingshot relationship. But, surprisingly enough, the vine star was found making out with MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy in Banzai Sushi, Calabasas. 

    Brittany, who is 24 years younger than the musician, were seen smooching in a pub wearing a crop-top, torn cotton pants.

    Despite people's expectations and conjecture that the connection will never last long, Tommy suggested her on Valentine's Day on February 14, 2018. Brittany shared the news by posting a picture of her hands over Lee's hands with a ring on her fingers.

    Brittany Shared a Picture of her hands over CRÜE's Drummer Tommy Lee hands with a ring on Both their fingers
    Well this certainly beats chocolates! Say hello to future Mrs. Lee #engaged

    However, this wedding wasn't Tommy's first one as he was married thrice before he knocked with Brittany. He was earlier married to Pamela Anderson and shared the model with two children.

    Brittany on 25th August, 2019 shared that she deleted almost 90 percent on her husband's female contact from his phone. 

    The post may seem funny but it surely suggests the couple is still going great.

    Brittany Furlan Earnings, & Net Worth

    Brittany Furlan has three significant sources of revenue: one, her Vine account (which is now closed), two, her Youtube channel, and three, her career as an actor. 

    She has obviously grown more linked to the show biz over a previous couple of years–in 2016 alone; she took part in half a dozen projects.

    She also gets a reasonable sum of funds in the form of endorsements from several fashion lines and brands. Hence, Brittany Furlan's net worth as of 2019 is reportedly around $800 thousand. 

    Famous Viner Brittany Furlan's Sexy Sun Bath Avatar
    Famous YouTuber Brittany Furlan's Sexy Sun Bath Avatar

    Additionally, her husband and iconic band Motley Crue's drummer Lee has a massive $70 million worth, which proves they are living a pretty lavish life in general.