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Brian Steele

pramesh Published On Thu Dec 26 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 26 2019
Brian Steele

Facts of Brian Steele

Full NameBrian Steele
First NameBrian
Last NameSteele
Other Namecreatureboy
ProfessionCreature Actor
Birth CityMilford, Michigan
Birth CountryThe U.S.A
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
FilmographyFrankenstein's monster,Harry and the Hendersons,Hellboy II: The Golden Army,the Underworld: Evolution,Terminator Salvation,Exists
Height200 cm
Networth$10 M
Date of BirthOctober 10,1956
Age63 years


    of Brian Steele

    What is the height of Brian Steele?200 cm
    What is the weight of Brian Steele?kg

    Who Is Brian Steele?

    Brian Steele is a go to actor when it comes to taking roles of creatures. Since his early acting days, Brian did the role of various monsters. 

    6.7 foot tall actor Brian recently gained the media attention for appearing as a Robot in a since fiction series Lost in Space in 2018.

    Why Is Brian Steele Famous?

    Brian Steele isn't an unknown name in the acting industry. Many people in Hollywood have made name for their acting skills but a few people like Brian Steele would convert themselves into freaks to make us laugh or scare the hell out of us.

    He has famously appeared as Bigfoot, in Harry and the Hendersons series. 

    Brian Steele As Bigfoot From Harry Harry and The Hendersons
    Brian Steele As Bigfoot From Harry Harry and The Hendersons

    Brian famously appeared as Wink a Prince Nuada's strongman, in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

    Video: Hell Boy Vs Mr. Wink

    Brian Steele is also remembered for playing Lycan werewolve in Underworld & Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He also appeared as William Corvinus in Underworld: Evolution.

    Further, he appeared as a cybernetic robot T-600 who fought John Connor played by Christian Bell and Marcus Wright played by Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation.

    Additionally, he was the Berzerker Predator in Predators, and also played Bigfoot for the second time in a horror-thriller film Exists.

    Brian Steele As The Robot In Lost In Space
    Brian Steele Did 18 Kgs Of Prosthetic Makeup For His Role As The Robot In Lost In Space

    Recently, Brian Steele appeared as The Robot in 2018's Netflix Science fiction drama series Lost In Space alongside actors like Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, and Kiki Sukezane.

    Brian Steele's Early Life & Career

    64 years old Brian Steele was born on October 10, 1956 in Milford, Michigan, USA. 

    He is 6 ft 7 in tall in height. While in his school, in Highland he constantly felt physical awkwardness as he was the tallest in his class. 

    At the age of 29, he moved to Florida Keys with a dream of succeeding in the Hollywood and even did numerous odd jobs until he decided to move to the L.A buying a $700 worth one way ticket.

    As soon as he landed in The L.A he auditioned for the role of Frankenstein's monster in Universal Studio situated in the Theme Park and was given a part in the series he auditioned for as well as in Harry and the Hendersons as a Bigfoot named Harry replacing actor Dawan Scott in 1992.

    Following that, Brian famously appeared as Wink a Prince Nuada's strongman, in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

    After that, Brian popularly played Wink, a strongman of Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. He then played Lycan's werewolves in Underworld: Revenge of the Lycans. Then in the third edition of the Underworld: Evolution appeared as William Corvinus.

    He, then appeared as T-600 robot in Terminator Salvation and played Berzerker Predator in Predators. He again appeared as Bigfoot in a horror-thriller movie "Exists".

    Action Scene: T 600 Vs Marcus Wright 
    (Clip from Terminator Salvation)

    In 2018, Brian Steele appeared as The Robot in a Netflix series Lost In Space.

    Brian Steele's Net Worth

    Hollywood's creatureboy Brian Steele has worked as monsters in 30 big screen projects including The Under World, Blade: Trinity, to Men In Black which means he is paid a fat cheques for skills Brian brings to the table. Reportedly, his current net Worth is around $10 million.

    Additionally, he received $130 thousand per episode of his recent series Lost In Space. 

    As per a report in The LA Times, he recently has listed his Three Bedroom home in Woodland Hills L.A for $889,000.

    He so far lives in a 1,529-square-foot home in Woodland Hills L.A which was built in 1958.

    The house features a huge garden, a 19th century entrance, a stone fireplace is set in the living room and parking space.

    Is Brian Steele Dating Someone?

    The man behind The Robot is reportedly single as of now. So far, no news of the 6 ft 7 inch tall actor's dating life is out in the media.

    The Actor however is a known cyclist and has appeared in several cycling events to support many charities, which shows that behind his tough looks lies a kind funky man.