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Andrei Deiu

pramesh Published On Thu Feb 13 2020   Modified On Fri Sep 18 2020
Andrei Deiu

Facts of Andrei Deiu

Full NameAndrei Deiu
First NameAndrei
Last NameDeiu
Birth NameAndrei Deiu
Other NameAndrei
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer
Birth CountryRomania
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle
AwardsFirst place at 2011 Miami Pro
Height180 cm
Weight80 kg
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthMay 8,1996
Age24 years


    of Andrei Deiu

    What is Andrei Deiu marital status ?Single
    What is the height of Andrei Deiu?180 cm
    What is the weight of Andrei Deiu?80 kg

    Who Is Andrei Deiu?

    Andrei Deiu is a Romanian bodybuilder, fitness model, and personal trainer who is recognized for endings the 2011 Miami Pro in the first place. 

    Besides being a bodybuilder, Andrei is also a known dancer who has performed in The Adonis Cabaret Show.

    Why Is Andrei Deiu Famous?

    Andrei has now advanced to become one of the booming fitness models and has been featured in various commercials for clothing brands and fitness attire. 

    His impressive physique has taken him from lounge spud playing video games the whole day to becoming one of the best in his profession. 

    Andrei Deiu Training
    Andrei Deiu Training
    PC: Andrei Deiu Instagram

    Mostly, he is recognized for ending the 2011 Miami Pro in the first place.

    Andrei is actively involved with various social media platforms and has a massive following. 

    Andrei Deiu Showing Off His Guns
    Andrei Deiu Showing Off His Guns
    PC@ Andrei Deiu Instagram

    He has around 3.1 million followers on his official Instagram and about 1.8 thousand followers on his official Twitter. Likewise, his YouTube channel Andrei Deiu' has approximately 300k subscribers.

    Andrei Deiu Bio, Early life, & career

    Andrei Deiu was born on the 8th of May, 1996, in Romania.

    Since 17 years of age, the bodybuilder has competed in various contests, but Andrei's life wasn't like this years ago. He was a game freak who took steps to change his lazy life and started grinding in the Gym.

    Before the start of his career, Andrei Deiu wasn't a muscle specimen like he is now. In his youthful years, he used to play a lot of video games and eat junk food. 

    At that period, Andrei didn't presume too much about his healthy associations, and the life he leads now wasn't an option he had in his wildest dreams.

    Source: Google Images
    Andrei Deiu during his teenage Vs. Andrei Deiu Now
    PC: Famemarker

    With this bad habit, his weight gradually started to increase, and his determination started to collapse. He was over weight and suffered from bullying in high school. 

    This feeling left Andrei distressed, but he understood that he had to do something about his weight, to which Andrei summons, "that's how I got fired".

    Video: Andrei Deiu-Fitness Motivation

    When he first started training in fitness, he wasn't sure of the results. 

    Andrei, in his video, has shared his journey as:

    “In the start, I wasn’t very confident about the outcome of my journey, and everything seemed improbable to me.” 

    With no thought about nutrition or training, he went to it solely. With time and devotion, he decoded the body mechanisms, and now Andrei is one of the best fitness heroes in the UK.

    What Is Andrei Deiu's Net Worth?

    Andrei Deiu has lived in Romania, then he moved to London to further pursue his Bodybuilding career, and Andrei Deiu now has a net worth is $1 Million just at 23 years of age.

    Andrei Deiu Winning Romanian Olympia
    Andrei Deiu Winning Romanian Olympia

    Andrei earns his livelihood as a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and personal trainer. 

    Approximated Net Worth in 2020$1 Million
    Past Year's Net Worth (2019)Over $300 thousand
    Current Yearly SalaryOver $500 thousand
    Source of IncomeBodybuilder, fitness model, Endorsements, and personal trainer

    Currently, the London resident owns a Ferrari Convertible and a BMW Grand Turismo and a Convertible Ferrari GT car. 

    Andrei Deiu With His Cars
    Andrei Deiu With His Cars

    Additionally, he also collects cash from prize money and has shared that he's been selected for Mr. Olympia 2021, just like another YouTuber Tavi Castro.

    Andrei Deiu's Relationship Status

    While it's comparatively easy to find out who's dating Andrei Deiu, it's more challenging to keep a record of all his indulgences, hookups including breakups. 

    He is seen with various models and is surrounded by some of the hottest ladies that he trains, but the fitness freak hasn't admitted dating anyone as of yet.

    The Rising Fitness Star, Andrei Deiu

    So we can say that he is currently single.

    Andrei Deiu's Body Measurements

    Andrei indeed is a beast and has managed to gain a muscular body, which is a specimen for many brands. 

    Andrei Deiu's Body
    Andrei Deiu's Body

    Here are some facts regarding Andrei and his body measurements:

    Weight80 kg
    Height5 feet 11 inches
    Hair Black
    Relationship StatusSingle
    Net Worth$1 Million

    Some FAQs related to Andrei Deiu

    Where is Andrei Deiu from?

    The British bodybuilder, Andrei Deiu, is from Romania and currently lives in England.

    What Andrei Deiu's age?

    Currently, Andrei Deiu is 23 years old.

    How tall is Andrei Deiu?

    Andrei Deiu is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

    What is Andrei Deiu's official lightweight?

    Andrei Deiu weighs around 80kg /176 lbs.