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Alaina Marie Mathers

sdz Published On Tue Apr 28 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 29 2020
Alaina Marie Mathers

Facts of Alaina Marie Mathers


    of Alaina Marie Mathers

    Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers?

    Alaina Marie Mathers, nicknamed as Lainey, is the daughter of famous Rapper, Eminem, also known as Rap God, best recognized for his songs like “Slim Shady”, “Rap God”, “Mocking Bird”, “Till I Collapse”, and more. 

    Why Is Alaina Marie Mathers Famous?

    Alaina Marie Mathers is popularly recognized as the fostered daughter/niece of American rapper Eminem. Eminem is one of the most famous rapper in the music industry and has been known as the ‘Rap God’. He is very much connected to his daughter Alaina Marie Mathers and she has a special place in his soul. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers with her foster father in childhood and her sisters

    Although, being the daughter of Eminem, she is not much popular on social media. She has around 5k followers on her Instagram.

    Alaina Marie Mathers Bio, Early life, & Career

    Alaina Marie Mathers was born on the 3rd of May, 1993, in the United States. Her mother’s name is Dawn Scott, while her father’s name is yet to be revealed. 

    She has two siblings naming Amy Scott (sister) and Adam Scott (Twin brother) from her mother. 

    When she was around 6 years old, her mother got into drug addiction and died of overdose. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers in her childhood

    After the incident, Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Scott, filed a lawsuit and won the case to take the custody of Alaina Marie Mathers and legally adopted her in 2002. 

    After she was adopted by her mother’s twin sister and her husband, Eminem, she started living a better life. Her siblings were not adopted due to some reasons though Alaina is in regular contact with them.

    Her other siblings include Whitney Scott Mathers (sister) and Hailie Jade (sister), biological daughters of Eminem.

    Alaina Marie Mathers with her sisters
    Source: Instagram

    Relating to her education, she completed her schooling from Seneca Middle School and high school from Chippewa Valley High School. 

    Currently, she is studying at the University of Oakland where she is undertaking a degree in public relations as she is not occupied in music and other recreational activities like her foster father, Eminem.

    Her career is yet to start, though we know she is likely to become a social worker and help people. Alaina, along with her other sisters have been introduced in several of Eminem’s songs like “Déjà vu”, “Going Through Changes”, and “Mockingbird”.

    Alaina Marie Mathers tattoos

    Alaina has around two tattoos, one in her hand and other in the back.

    Alaina Marie Mathers's tattoo on her back
    Source: Instagram

    One the back, it is written "Strength", symbolizing that she is a powerful women. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers's tattoo on her hand
    Source: Instagram

    The other tattoo in her hand is a quote appreciating god.

    What is Alaina Marie Mathers’s Net Worth?

    Alaina Marie Mathers shares the net worth earned by Eminem, which is more than $230 Million. He earned such huge wealth being a professional Singer(Rapper), Composer, and Actor. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers taking a selfie
    Source: Instagram

    Furthermore, Here are some facts relating his net worth:

    Approximated Net Worth in 2020(Till April)+$232 Million
    Past Year's Net Worth (2019)$230 Million
    Yearly Income($10-$15) Million
    Sources of IncomeMusic, Composer, and Actor (Profession)

    Is Alaina Marie Mathers married or dating someone?

    Alaina Marie Mathers is a popular hip hop star, Eminem’s daughter. Alaina was once rumored to be dating someone a few years back, but her partner's identity isn't revealed yet. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers with her ex
    Source: Instagram

    She seems like the one member of a family who wants to be different from the rest and is currently working towards it. 

    Alaina Marie Mathers’s Body Measurements

    Alaina is a pretty and chubby looking girl with a diamond shaped body figure. She sometime is seen wearing spectacles.

    Alaina Marie Mathers taking a selfie with spectacles on
    Source: Instagram

    Here are some facts relating her body measurements:

    Weight60 kg
    Height5 feet 8 inches
    Hair Black and Brown(Mixed)
    Body TypeDiamond

    Some FAQs related to Alaina Marie Mathers

    Is Alaina Marie Mathers married or dating someone? 

    Currently, Alaina Marie Mathers is a single, focusing on her studies and career goals.

    How much is Alaina Marie Mathers worth? 

    Alaina Marie Mathers shares Eminem's net worth, which is over $230 Million.

    What is Alaina Marie Mathers’s height and weight?

    Alaina Marie Mathers is 5 feet 8 inches tall in height and a weighs around 60 kg.

    What is Eminem's relationship with Alaina Marie Mathers?

    Alaina Marie Mathers is the eldest adopted daughter of Marshal Mathers (Eminem)