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Air Jordan 4 "Cow Fur" Marked $250 Per Pair

pramesh Published On Mon Sep 30 2019   Modified On Fri Mar 06 2020
Air Jordan 4 "Cow Fur" Marked $250 Per Pair

Nike Air Jordan Shoes' got released on 30th September and it's feature show that its a re-modeled yet form of its predecessor Air Jordan 1. 

Talking about the history of Air Jordan, Peter Moore is the man who designed the shoes for B-ball star Michael Jordan in 1984. Since it's release, Jordans and basketball have been more like married to each other.

First look at Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition
Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition Released on 30th September 2019

The women's shoes, however, have tried sticking to its basics and basically have returned to its root in its 4th installment.  

released especially for ladies, the shoe this time, brings red satin shine on its "below the neck logo patch"  and then opts to its all-time favorite black & red colorway.

Let's See The Specifications On Air Jordan's 4th Installment

This pair of Jordan-shoe as its name suggests has a twist of cow fur leather, and as it's strictly a women's line. So, all WNBA wannabees now get wide wings lace holders, shiny TPU, & speckled design on the Nike Air heel has made it more subtle and feminine. 

Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition For Female Athletes
First look at Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition
Side Clips makes it look Extremely Fashionable 

Jumpman tongue tags aren't touched so this installment still has the famous-old-interior-badges & printed insoles. 

With its original Air-assisted black mid-sole and the rubber outsole will definitely lift you a foot higher. 

Are You Willing To Pay $250 Per Pair Of Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition?

The shoe does look interesting and features old and elegant MJ shoe qualities but raising around $100 from its predecessor is honestly a little expensive. 

First look at Air Jordan 4
Rear View of Air Jordan 4 Cow Fur Edition

However, its demands are unbelievably high worldwide and if its furry Air Jordan-4 Cow Fur edition, we think it's going to make an impact on its Christmas sales.

Will LeBron James Fans Buy Jordan's Recent Pair?

Well, the whole Jordan VS. James started after Jordan refused to appear on LeBron's docu-series and since then, people have started arguing about the greatest of all time. 

So, it's crystal-clear, if you're on Michael Jordan's side, you surely will increase the sales but what if you are one of the Team LeBron fans, will you still buy it? 

If we talk about style elegance and comfort, you have no other option! But if you are seriously considering to wait for LeBron's Nike line, you surely can! The Colors on Lebron's shoes are surely more eye-catching. 

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