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As you all know, selling ad space is like selling any other product or service. Regular pop culture news and gossips are now part of everyone's life, and with a great team and thoughtful content written in a very influential way, Fame Marker makes an effort to not only create change in our reader's life but it also is a great platform to sell things or advertise your product or services.

If you are a new business, then FM is the best option you will have, it promises you a good market, best prices, and reliable promotion all at a very reasonable price.

  1. Site Statistics 

 With over a million users visiting our all affiliate sites on a regular basis globally, any advertisement circulated via our blogs such as Playerswiki, Marriedwiki, Article Bio, Marriedceleb and numerous other Top-Nepal International affiliated sites can push you to a bigger mass of a completely new audience.

You can reach us via our contact us page to get the actual statics of unique page views and customer engagement and that will prove, you will not be disappointed!

       2.     Information About Our Audience

Basically a favorite page for teenagers, and youth we suggest the advertisement to be more need-based and if financial institutions want to increase people to use banking services more, this page can bring a whole new avenue to those groups.

Mostly, teenagers visit our pages so selling regulars will not be a problem. Despite being a global platform our visitors are basically from the United States, the U.K, Australia, and other English speaking nation, contents here provided is strictly based in English.

      3.     Description Of The Advertising Options

The third essential element includes prices of the banner sizes and its placements, to avoid making our advertisement look messy, we allow 5-6 personal ads per page. The advertisements we share should follow our privacy policy and quality guidance and we will place the ads as per our CTR (click-through rate) experiments. 

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Please visit the “Contact Us” page and get information on pricing and advertising in details.