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Hy stranger! Let's talk about Famemarker. Fame Marker is a community built Biography, Gossip, and news site. 
1. Every information here is a highly researched and refined content from writers with interest in the field of entertainment. We are incredibly proud of our work ethics and try our best to validate and site every bit of information with its credentials so that our readers rely on us. 

Our hard-working nature and product representation make us unique. Started in 2019, we still are learning and growing but the experience our workers have is one of the best in this industry.

2. We use authentic imageries, and try our best not to copy other people's hard work. Additionally, we use varied research techniques and try getting the best reading experience for all web surfers regardless of their country or community.

3. We’re run by millennials and operate internationally. 

4. We aren't based on our opinions and are nowhere trying to create fake rumors which can lead our readers or celebrities into trouble.

5. We also have the best staffs, who don't ever compromise on putting that extra effort on every topic, as they say, "missed by an inch or missed by a mile, it still is a miss", so we try our best to stay true which we believe is the key to staying relevant.
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