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6ix9ine Released His First Music Following His Early Release, Due To Corona Virus Risks

pramesh Published On Sat May 09 2020   Modified On Thu Aug 13 2020
6ix9ine Released His First Music Following His Early Release, Due To Corona Virus Risks

Why Was Rapper 6ix9ine released?

6ix9ine was released on 2nd April 2020 after Jail authorities and judges felt that the holding facility is at high risk, and the rapper could catch Covid-19 as he was identified as a high-risk patient.

Do you know what was he arrested for, in the first place? If you Don't, then read this article!

Right after his release, he started spending money like crazy and started buying cars and diamond chains online "right after his release." Reportedly, the rapper is in his home but is ordered to stay in confinement. 

Aggressive Rainbow Head Rapper 6ix9ine
"6ix9ine proves he's Still Relevant."
The rapper still made gangster statements, and gun sound in his new single and people are liking the Scum ganger!

He was let out with an ankle monitor and isn't allowed to leave NY until his terms are met. The rainbow grilled rapper is now seen wearing Ankle Monitor, but even his Ankle wrap is painted gold! 

He did it again, Gooba is a huge hit!

6ix9ine, who had said that his music was dropping shortly in November, quickly got back to the rap game and released his single Gooba.

His new sing Gooba uses the N-word precisely 12 times, so guess that's enough to get your parents mad! Plus, the rainbow-haired singer takes trolls on his haters with some goofy lines like:

"As-Salama-lama Alaykum, you big hater You nothin' but a hater, hater, clout chaser".....And this ni**s always talkin' shit, yadda-yadda-ya When you see me, what you talkin' about, fck you talkin' 'bout?...Ni****, who did that? N****, who did what? Ni****, that's my shit, don't bite it.

At the end of the song, he even took a troll on people calling him a rat by putting on an animated rat face!

There's something about 6ix9ine, within 12 hours of release, his song Gooba has 24,118,108 views, which shows how crazy this 6ix9ine hype is. 

He is shopping, like crazy!

6ix9ine was reportedly buying his girlfriend her birthday gifts even from inside the jail, will not stop shopping despite the virus threats! Also, TMZ tried suggesting the NY-authority give him a spending limit as he was immediately seen draining millions of dollars out on cars and chains. 

6ix9ine AKA the Troll King/Flex-King is Back With A Banger!
6ix9ine, AKA, the Troll King/Flex-King, is Back With A Banger!

6ix9ine reportedly bought a $300,000 worth chain that he flaunts on Gooba and online; in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, and although he's home held. He also bought two Bentleys, and he's spending his money like a shopaholic man, but he hasn't broken the home confinement. 

Reportedly, the punk-rap-star's been getting hit up by a ton of venues in other countries like Australia Europe, and they're offering up to half a million dollars for his performances in 2021.

He Broke The Instagram Live Record Right After Gooba release!

Another thing that has surprised people on the internet is that 6ix9ine was live on Instagram, and he literally received 2 million views, which is an Instagram record!

He talked about the reason he snitched his situation and also thanked his fans for the support! Currently, the rainbow-haired kid has started taking over the entertainment world, despite being called a snitch, a rat, and fake-gangster. 

Likewise, one of the most hated and controversial rap-figures in the Hip-Hop community reportedly denied the police protection and has taken the matter in his own hands. As per tabloids, 6ix9ine has spent around $10,000,000 earned from his recent record deal, on his personal security causes, so the rapper is all set to start throwing hit mixes from now on!